(Minghui.org) I am a fairly new practitioner, who began practicing Falun Dafa in 2015. A recent article on the Minghui website, titled “Images of Galaxies Deepen My Understanding of Dafa,” caught my attention, as I had often pondered about the universe, consciousness, time-space and the meaning of human life before I found Dafa.

This article states, “When we clarify the facts of Falun Dafa to well-educated people, we could mention the facts about our universe. Many people, especially Chinese people, have been heavily influenced by atheism which is espoused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Their minds have been very tightly confined. We can gather some accurate and well-supported scientific data and use a scientific perspective to widen people's thoughts and further tell them about Dafa.”

The article further suggests publishing more videos about space and time on the Minghui website to help broaden the views of ordinary people and make our truth clarification more effective.

While I agree that it is a good idea to clarify the truth to people from the perspective of the universe and time-space, I would also like to bring up a caveat with regard to scientific knowledge.

Human's knowledge about the universe and time-space is not comprehensive; on the contrary, it is very shallow. It even doubts the existence of aliens. Their probe outside of the solar system lies in the future and it is closely related to aliens. Many Sci-Fi movies and books were created under the influence of aliens. They try to beautify the aliens so as to attract humans to alien technology and to doubt and belittle gods and traditional moral culture. Some Sci-Fi movies even portrayed aliens as god-like.

In a nutshell, when we explore astronomy, we need to wisely distinguish what is right and what is wrong before we use this information in our truth-clarification efforts.

In fact, Master has already told us:

“While people often claim that their scientific pursuits are to “improve quality of life,” it is technological competition that drives them. And in most cases they have come about only after people have pushed out the divine and abandoned moral codes meant to ensure self-restraint. It was for these reasons that civilizations of the past many times met with destruction. People’s explorations are necessarily limited to this material world, and the methods are such that only what has been recognized is studied. Meanwhile, things that are intangible or invisible in the human dimension, but that do objectively exist and do reveal themselves in real ways in this immediate world—such as spirituality, faith, divine word, and miracles—are treated as taboo, for people have cast out the divine.” (On Dafa, Zhuan Falun)

Actually, besides the field of astronomy, we may also remind people of the existence of divine beings in other fields.

For example, a table appears stable in our eyes, which is normal and it should be like that. But when we think outside of the box and ask why is the table stabilized to that state, you might feel uncertain. Since the molecules inside the table are constantly moving and it should be shapeless like air, what force makes the molecules inside the table to move in order so to constitute a table?

Broadly speaking, the earth orbits the sun, and it has always been like that. But we find it not normal when we hold two balls in our hands. Are we able to get them rotating like the earth and the sun? Or make them rotate perpetually in formation?

Master said:

“The universe is in motion, and all of the universe’s Milky Ways and galaxies are also in motion. The nine planets orbit the sun, and Earth also rotates byitself. Think about it, everyone: Who’s pushing them? Who has given them the force?” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

Master already brought this up and asked the question of “Who’s pushing them?” According to conventional science, if no force pushed them, how could they rotate?

If we can help people abandon their human notions and approach issues like this from a broader perspective, they may have an easier way to understand the extraordinary and miraculous power of Dafa in improving the mind and body. They may then realize that the Chinese communist regime's lies about Dafa harming people are groundless and that the persecution of Dafa has no legal basis.