(Minghui.org) “Turning the other cheek” is a concept that can be difficult for ordinary people to understand. Even cultivators sometimes have trouble understanding why we should “turn the other cheek.” However, Master Li has made it very clear in his lectures that as cultivators we actually gain in many ways by enduring.

The idea is that when you endure a punch or an insult, the offender will be giving you de (virtue) as compensation and he himself will accumulate karma. As the person on the receiving end, you will get rid of karma, receive de, and pay off your debts. Isn't this a wonderful thing for a cultivator?

Some ordinary people question Dafa practitioners, “Why don't you Dafa practitioners 'turn the other cheek,' and instead accept the persecution?” I have also heard people say, “Don't you believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance? If you resist the persecution, you are not forbearing.” All such statements are attempts to justify the persecution.

Why do we resist the persecution? It is an act of compassion and meant to offer salvation to the lives that can still be saved. Saving sentient beings is the sacred mission of all Dafa practitioners.

I remember an article on the Minghui website—a prison guard was beating a Dafa practitioner, when the practitioner suddenly cried out, “Stop hitting me.” The guard thought the practitioner couldn't take it anymore and was ready to give in.

The practitioner then said, “Every time you hit me, you're one step closer to hell, and now you are only one step away from it. If you hit me one more time, you will forever lose your chance to be saved.” The Dafa practitioner's compassion made the prison guard pause and accept the chance to be saved.

What is going to happen if we don't resist the persecution? Master has explained this many times.

Master said,

“So for Dafa disciples, this persecution will allow them to, whatever the case--no matter how much physical suffering or mental torment it causes them, and no matter how severe the persecution--eliminate their karma and head towards Consummation. What awaits Dafa disciples are all the best things. Isn't this the goal of your cultivation? However, per the old forces' sinister arrangements, this wicked-Party-perpetrated persecution of the world--and especially of the Chinese people--that was wrought by the old forces so as to supposedly "help Dafa disciples achieve Consummation" is unmatched in its severity. By corrupting people and having them commit sins against Dafa, isn't it pushing the Chinese people towards destruction?” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference” from Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IX)

Master also said,

“Dafa disciples are suffering,But who is ruined are sentient beings.”(“Every Lifetime Was For This Life” from Hong Yin III)

“Before the calamity strikes I must let you knowIt’s the world’s people that are the sacrificial lambsNo matter how much I suffer, I am on the divine pathIt’s the Divine that calls me to hurry for you”(“The Divine Calls Me to Hurry for You ” from Hong Yin III)

Master has clearly explained the purpose of resisting the persecution to us. Only when we do what Master has asked of us, do we give sentient beings the chance to be saved. We must study the Fa well, and keep righteous thoughts and a clear mind at all times. We then won't be interfered with while saving people.