(Minghui.org) I encountered an incident on the street yesterday. An angry father was criticizing and beating his son, who was taller than him. The son had strong words for his father. A woman who was apparently the mother tried to break them up.

Initially, most people sympathized with the son. Some people might have felt that it wasn't right for the father to beat and criticize his son in public like that. Later on, a man who was a bystander started to fight with the father. A lot of other people were trying to settle the issue peacefully.

Then the son started to fight with the man and said, “Why did you hit my father?” Many more people gathered around, trying to calm everyone down. Finally, the father calmed down and stood against a parked car, while another man talked to him.

There were a lot of people selling their goods, and the merchants and shoppers were all laughing at them. What a mess! I was also amused by the incident. Human matters, however, can never be judged clearly. Who was right and who was wrong? How weird and ridiculous this was.

Then I realized that this was actually a hint from Master telling me not to interfere with ordinary people's matters.

Recently, my cousin told me a story. One of my cousins owed her brother nearly two years worth of salary, but he hadn't been paid, and his sister had a very lucrative business.

The brother once told me about this when we were eating together. He felt helpless, and I felt angry. Similarly, my own brother had lost all his money when he got divorced from my former sister-in-law. I was angry about that too.

Master said:

“I’m talking about intervening in the fights that people have, be they verbal or physical, since your stopping them might mean that the parties involved can’t work out a past debt that was to be settled. And then in that case they would have to wait until another time before going through it again. So my point is, you are likely to mishandle situations and lose virtue when you can’t see the reasons for things.” (“The Ninth Talk,” Zhuan Falun)

In fact, just a couple days ago, Master gave me hint in my dream—do not interfere with ordinary people’s matters. I restrained myself, but I still felt upset inside. I often thought: what a vicious woman. In fact, I was still lost in the maze. This is why Master arranged for me to encounter such an incident. Master is using this to warn me not to indulge in ordinary people's sentimentality.