(Minghui.org) I turned 74 in May of this year. Throughout my life I was interested in the unknown, and learned to play a musical instrument. I am an avid reader, and am interested in technical books, classical books, books about animals, adventure novels, satirical books, books about expeditions, as well as medical and spiritual books. Besides, I enjoyed learning languages, such as Russian, Latin and English in school, as well as French and Spanish, so I could help tourists. I used to teach mathematics and sports and became a physical therapist after the rebound in Germany in 1989. I always liked working with people, which allowed me to gain much experience.

After I retired, I searched for something to do. I decided to read books about alternative medicine, as well as esoteric and spiritual subjects. I took qigong in adult education classes, as well as a class in meditation practices.

We met regularly in a small group to meditate. The leader introduced us to Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa), the five exercises, and the book Zhuan Falun by Mr. Li Hongzhi in 2014, and I became curious. I bought Zhuan Falun and read it almost non-stop during a week-long hiking vacation. I understood that Falun Dafa's guiding principles are Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. I thought, “This would help me to become a better person. I want to learn Falun Gong.”

Since then, I have not stopped reading that book. It guides me, demands that I function at a new and higher level, and shows me where I have reached on my path. In doing the exercises together, reading together and sharing experiences, I made many friends – i.e. fellow practitioners. There are five of us in a radius of about 40 km and many more throughout Germany. They are true friends and help me openly and honestly in my cultivation. They are by my side when I need to let go of my problems and difficulties. Our shared goal is the assimilation to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

My children are grown up and have their own families. They know and accept that I practice Falun Dafa. One of my sons and his wife also practice Dafa. They try, just as I, to improve their body and mind. My mother was also interested in Falun Dafa. She listened when I read the book Zhuan Falun. She was not afraid to die. She put everything into order and let go of worries and problems. She peacefully fell asleep at the end of her lifespan, at the age of 97 in 2017.

I am still active in society and work with two groups. This is my “practice field.” One of the groups is the hospice association. After having taken a training course, I take care of the critically ill and dying. I try to be open and honest, fulfill their wishes, be open-minded and a helpful discussion partner. I try to help them not to be afraid of dying and kindly help them on this path. My life's experiences and studying the Fa help me greatly.

I have established good, and trusting relationships with the caretaker children of these people during the past one-and-a-half years, which is helpful to the critically ill. I naturally talk to them about Dafa, the persecution in China and my experiences and actions. For example, I have used my mother's death to help them understand that it is important to clear up bad things from the past, to make peace after a fight, and to forgive trespasses. During long nights and other shifts, I send good thoughts to these people and recite for them “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” in my mind. I also play Dafa music for them. During those long hours, I also read Zhuan Falun.

The second group that I'm involved with are seniors from the senior computer club. They are rather interested in technical aspects and are very open-minded in regards to societal development and new advances. They had not heard of Falun Dafa. This gave me the opportunity to introduce Dafa to them. I showed them the exercises and talked about the persecution of Dafa practitioners in China.

In addition, I am involved in Dafa events in Germany. During city festivals, large regional cultural festivals, and Saxony Day, children and I make paper lotus flowers together. We also introduce the exercises, distribute fliers, talk a lot with visitors, discuss the persecution of Falun Gong in China, and collect signatures on a petition against the persecution. My activities have helped me become calmer, more objective, and more secure in myself. I have learned a lot during these activities and continue to learn from other practitioners.

I'm doing well healthwise. My back, which has given me problems since I was 26 years old, is fine. My knee that hurt after I had a fall is also fine, and I can sleep well at night.

I'm grateful to have met up with Falun Dafa. Dafa gave me the opportunity to behave more honestly, and become open-minded. This helps me to think of others first, and when I face problems I look within. I finally understand the reason for being on this earth, found guidance for my everyday life, and benefited greatly. I will continue to be diligent on my cultivation path.

Thank you, esteemed and compassionate Teacher.