(Minghui.org) I am a practitioner from the Middle East and I first learned about Falun Dafa in early 2005. Before I started my cultivation in Dafa, I always prayed to God to help me find myself and get on the right path.

I used to drink alcohol at least 3 or 4 times a week and sometimes I drank every day. I couldn't go to a party, go on holiday, or take a trip without drinking. I often felt bad because of my excessive drinking, but I couldn't seem to do anything about it. I just wasn't happy without alcohol. When I was invited to a party, I always took a bottle with me and drank it on the way.

At work, if I owed someone money, I wouldn't pay him or her until they came asking for it. If I had a used or a defective product, I wouldn't tell the customer and sold it as new.

I had unethical relationships with many. I would lie from morning to night. While driving, if someone got in my way, I would have to pay them back in some way and wouldn't leave that person alone. Cursing had become my habit. If I had an argument with someone, I would start cursing that person. I was always stressed and anxious and I had a hard time sleeping, so I went to a doctor.

One day, a friend of mine who practices Falun Dafa visited me and talked about Falun Dafa. I didn't listen very attentively at the time. He came back a week later and talked about the benefits of Falun Dafa and suggested that I go to the park to learn the exercises. Without really thinking about it, I agreed and went. When he saw me in the park, he told me that he was surprised and happy to see me. I went to the park a few times to watch before I joined the group in doing the Falun Dafa exercises. I immediately felt their amazing energy.

I was into bodybuilding and had injured my elbow, leaving my hand in severe pain. I couldn't shake hands with anyone because of the pain. One day after we finished the exercises my friend came over and gave me a handshake and said, "You were great." Suddenly, I noticed that my elbow did not hurt anymore.

After going home I started reading the Fa. I reached the part of the book about drinking alcohol in which Master says:

“Some people love alcohol as much as their own lives. Some people enjoy drinking alcohol. Some people are already poisoned by drinking alcohol, and they cannot even pick up their rice bowls without drinking—they cannot do without a drink. As practitioners, we should not be this way.” (Zhuan Falun)

I told my friend that I would stop drinking from then on. Thanks to Master, I did. I understood that I was in delusion with my belief that drinking would bring happiness and that some things cannot be done without a drink! It was all an illusion! Now I am completely released from alcohol dependency and am very happy.

I studied the Fa and did the exercises every day and cultivated myself. Soon after, I stopped lying and behaving unethically. I was tested and tempted with large amounts of money but I passed those test well. While driving, I did not retaliate against other drivers and at work I would no longer sell an old product as new. Without taking any medicine, many of my physical problems were resolved and I could fall asleep easily at night. I've received so many more benefits that I cannot write about them all.

I am in tears as I write this sharing. I am so happy and grateful to practice Dafa. Master has bestowed on me His mercy and grace. I hope that my sharing will help others who wish to find Dafa and return to their original, true self.

I would like to end my sharing with a poem from Hong Yin:

Destined Return for the Holy Fruition

Oh how many the years, looking for the master,Finally the day has arrived to meet him.Cultivate and return, the Fa now gained,And follow your master to return, consummated.