(Minghui.org) Looking back on the road I have traveled, it has been bumpy and full of hardships. I would like to share my cultivation experience with Master and fellow practitioners.

Putting Up Dafa Posters

Some of the Dafa posters that were put on utility poles have been ruined because people had tampered with them or tore them down. So I made a long pole with wheels on it so I could place the posters higher up the utility poles.

I put up around a dozen Dafa posters in my hometown before heading out to nearby villages. I replaced any that I saw were ruined on my way to the villages.

I came to a dead end of a street one night and asked a villager how to get to the other side of the hill. He told me to drive my motorcycle over the hill, since it would take a long time to go around it.

There wasn't a proper road, so it was very challenging going down hill. I had to keep using the brakes and avoid the stones that were sliding down alongside me. It took a lot of effort to get to the bottom of the hill, but the hardship was worth it.

A small, quiet village was in front of me. I was able to put up Dafa posters on all the utility poles and columns.

I put up over 1,000 posters in three weeks. During the process, I encountered people who either praised or berated me. Yet I was not moved, and only focused on fulfilling my mission.

Remaining Calm

I have been going to areas in Inner Mongolia with other practitioners for several years to distribute informational materials about Falun Dafa and the persecution.

One time, a friend of mine invited a homeless man, who had quit the Chinese Communist Party, to drink with him. The man got drunk and threatened to kill me if I didn't leave Inner Mongolia. He became furious and started throwing the dishes on the floor. I remembered that I was a Dafa practitioner and remained calm. He continued yelling and took out a knife.

He tried to stab me a few times and did cut my hand. Fortunately, it wasn't a serious cut, and I was able to wrestle the knife away from him.

The landlord came out to ask how I would deal with the homeless man. I said that he was drunk and had made a mistake. I would not report him to the police.

I was in pain the whole night, but I didn't let that deter me from distributing 3,000 Dafa informational materials the next day.

When I finished, the homeless man approached me with a leather jacket. He offered it to me as his way of apologizing.

I told him that I understood it was not easy to live alone, and that I did not need the jacket.

“Let me keep it for you as a souvenir, then” he said. “Next year, you may come back again.”

I had been practicing martial arts for 17 years before I began practicing Falun Dafa. I could have easily beat this man, but I didn't want to hurt him. I have completely changed my behavior since I became a practitioner.

I am almost 70 years old, but my complexion is rosy and I can do things easily and quickly. I also ride my motorcycle day and night without any problem.