(Minghui.org) The 2018 Australia Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held in Sydney on September 9, 2018. The attendees expressed how they treasured this opportunity to improve. They expressed their gratitude for Master's compassionate salvation and said that they were determined to use every minute well, cultivate diligently, and fulfill their mission of saving people.

The 2018 Australia Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference held in Sydney.

Energized As If Just Beginning To Practice

Ms. Zhang, a senior practitioner from Adelaide, South Australia, said, “After attending the conference I've rediscovered the urgency to improve and fulfill my mission. I feel energized, as I did when I just started practicing. During the conference I felt immersed in Master's compassion and powerful energy.”

She said, “I'm very touched by fellow practitioners' sharings. Their strong faith in Master and Dafa, and how they looked within and coordinated with each other to offer salvation to sentient beings. I see my shortcomings and the difference between my cultivation and theirs. I have to seize the time to cultivate myself solidly and fulfill my mission.”

Improving Through Practitioners' Sharing

Ms. Li from Sydney, often goes to tourist sites to talk about Falun Dafa and the persecution. She said, “The other practitioners and I think that the experiences presented at this conference were very touching. One senior practitioner talked about how while another practitioner sued a Chinese media that slandered Dafa, she was able to help by sending forth righteous thoughts when that practitioner was interfered with. Because the senior practitioner did not criticize the other one, I could see how she met the standard of a genuine cultivator. Because they cooperated with and helped each other, Master was able to help them accomplish what they wanted to do.”

Ms. Li mentioned that the presentations touched her heart because of the practitioners' righteous energy and admirable xinxing. She said, “Their compassion touched me and has motivated me to look within and find where I've fallen short. I realize that many of my problems are caused by my attachment to ego and my complacency. I was moved to tears several times while I listened to their speeches. I feel purified and uplifted! Listening to them has helped me improve!”

Improving While Promoting Shen Yun

Jenny from Adelaide said, “I've learned so much and found where I've fallen short. The coordinator of the Shen Yun shows in Queensland talked about how they booked a seemingly impossible theater within two days after they improved as a group. Another practitioner talked about how she saw the power of clarifying the truth and righteous thoughts. The directors of two TV stations decided to advertise for Shen Yun for free after learning more about Falun Dafa.

She added, “I'm very encouraged by these practitioners' experience of letting go of their egos and steadfastly promoting Shen Yun. I've been over-reliant on others and afraid to offend anyone. I only cared about doing my part well, and never bothered to ask about other practitioners. My selfishness blocked me from progressing and improving in my cultivation. The only way to save more people is to coordinate and improve together. I will do better coordinating with others and encourage other practitioners to get involved.”

Learning How to Truly Cultivate

Ms. Dong from Sydney said that she used to think she was diligently cultivating because she got up at 4:00 a.m. every day to study the Fa. After listening to other practitioners' experiences, she realized that she had a lot to improve on. She said, “Another practitioner recently reminded me that my sickness karma seemed to be worse and I should be alert and not relax my cultivation. One of the practitioners' sharings today mentioned that the more determined you are and the more righteous thoughts you have, the more easily you can break through a block. Reflecting on myself, I realize that I haven't actually studied the Fa enough. Master has always reminded us to study the Fa well. I'm determined to concentrate better and make a breakthrough.”

She said, “One practitioner talked about how he overcame sickness karma. After talking with his fellow-practitioner wife he identified his attachments. Even though some attachments seemed to be almost impossible to eliminate, he was determined, no matter how hard it was. With Master's help, he was able to eliminate his sickness tribulation. It made me realize my sickness symptoms are due my attachments that I haven't been able to eliminate. Even though I thought I was cultivating diligently, I realize that I actually didn't know how to cultivate myself. From now on, I will look for my own problems when I run into conflicts. The key is to improve my xinxing.”

Husband and Wife Work Together to Break Through Sickness Tribulation

Ms. Li, a coordinator at a tourist site in Sydney, said she has been busy coordinating truth-clarification activities, but has failed to pay attention to her own cultivation at home. “My husband, a fellow practitioner, wept as he read his experience sharing article about breaking through sickness karma. He is filled with gratitude to our compassionate great Master. I was moved to tears while I listened to his candid sharing. Both of us have been busy with our projects, but we've failed to communicate with each other. Master told us to work with each other and form a whole body. However, we, a husband and wife, have not done this, nor do we treat each other well. How can we have enough compassion to save people?”

Ms. Li says that she is so grateful that Master not only eliminated her husband's sickness karma, but also resolved the grievance between herself and her husband. They used to have a hard time talking to each other, but they've been able to let go of their attachment to themselves, talk nicely, help each other with their shortcomings, and improve together. She says that she's now motivated to advance diligently with her husband, and help Master save more people.

Treasuring Opportunities to Cultivate

Janet, a veteran practitioner from New Zealand, was especially touched by a practitioner who had resumed cultivating. She said that she deeply feels how much Master treasures each disciple and does not overlook anyone. Listening to this practitioner reminded Janet of how she felt when she first started practicing. Janet said, “When I started cultivating, there was no coordinator in our area. None of us felt we needed one because each of us did whatever we could as Master told us to, including establishing an exercise site, study sessions, organizing Fa conferences, etc. However, our initial enthusiasm and high respect for Dafa slowly dwindled as time passed. Listening to the other practitioners at this conference helped me find my initial motivation and showed me my declined cultivation state.”

From the 2018 Australia Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference