(Minghui.org) After I read an article by a fellow practitioner titled “Let go of Sentimentality, Lust, and Desire to Overcome the Death Trap for Cultivators,” I was reminded of a female practitioner I knew who passed away.

She was 58 when she passed away, and she was a beautiful lady who only looked like she was in her 40s. We worked very well together when we distributed Dafa materials to people.

One day, she took out a flyer and asked me why hers seemed to be darker than the others, even though they all came from the same printer. I was surprised to see it as well, but I did not know what to make of it.

Some time later, this practitioner's sister told me that she was hospitalized for leukemia. While in the hospital, she confessed to her sister – who is also a fellow practitioner – that she had a boyfriend she'd met online and that they had already become intimate.

He was in his 40s and owned a gold mine. He had also given her over 100,000 yuan. It was then I realized why her flyers were colored to dark: she had the attachment to lust (“color” and “lust” are the same character in Chinese).

From this point on, she shared a few warnings that she had in the past with me. Once, she was supposed to distribute materials with me, but her boyfriend called her. She went straight to him instead. But as soon as she left home, she fell on her knee.

Still, she didn't take the hint and went to see her boyfriend anyway. Even when she realized her cultivation might be over if she continued down her path, she still did not heed the warning.

She had some visions, which tried to remind her that she was from a beautiful, lofty realm – many celestial maidens surrounded her in the vision. It was a breathtakingly splendid world where even the birds were golden.

When the old forces finally came for her life, she realized what had transpired, but it was already too late.

The old forces had attempted to take her life before, but Master stopped them a couple of times. One time, a car was just about to hit her but stopped at the last moment. Another time, she almost backed into a pit, but she felt a huge hand stop her and save her.

Cultivation is so serious; lust and desire is a death trap for cultivators. We need to learn this hard lesson. The old forces will seize upon each and every human heart and attachment that we have and use them as an excuse to destroy us. Let us truly assimilate to Dafa and cultivate away all of the attachments in order to not let Master down.