(Minghui.org) Modern technology and medicine seem to pale in comparison to the recovery history from incurable and life-threatening illnesses of those practicing Falun Dafa. Over 100 million practitioners have improved their physical and mental fitness and new cases of recovery are still being told. Surveys in China as early as in 1998 and other surveys in Taiwan and Australia have shown that 97.9% reported health improvements after practicing Falun Gong.

Ugly Duckling Turns into a Beautiful Swan

Lin Yili was six years old when she was diagnosed with dermatitis, a form of eczema. The symptoms worsened as she grew older. Her skin was oozing pus and blood because of the inflammation. Her condition worsened when she eat staple foods, such as oatmeal and bread. Despite allergy shots and traditional Chinese medicine, her symptoms persisted. The doctors predicted that there was no cure.

Her condition took a toll on the family’s finances. The medicine affected her complexion, and she was physically weak and often trembled. As the pain became more unbearable, she became weaker. Her friends avoided her because of the way she looked. She told her mother that she would rather die than keep being so miserable.

When Yili was 10 years old, a friend introduced Falun Dafa to her mother. Yili said that the exercise movements looked beautiful. She wanted to practice Falun Dafa on that day, which ws a turning point in her life.

Mother and daughter began to read Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa, and did the exercises. Gradually Yili's outlook changed. The pain and loneliness that used to torment her seemed trivial. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she started paying attention to others’ needs. Even in pain, she treated others with kindness.

One day, Yili was in tears because there was a school field trip and her father, who was busy playing Mahjong, did not want to go out and buy her lunch for the trip. Her mother got home later and the two decided to go shopping together. As she was leaving, Yili cheerfully said goodbye to her father.

Her mother asked her how she'd changed from being angry at her father to being nice. She replied, “I remember that Teacher told us to be nice to others even if they weren’t. We should treat others with kindness no matter what.”

At school, Yili was standing in line to buy lunch, when a classmate asked her if she could borrow a dollar. Yili had only $1.25. but did not hesitate to lend the dollar. She used the 25 cents to buy a piece of candy. When her classmates found out what had happened, they shared their food with Yili.

The student who borrowed the dollar hugged Yili and asked, “Why did you lend me the money when you didn't have enough for yourself?” Yili replied, “I simply thought that you needed the money more than I did.” Because of Falun Dafa, Yili went from being self-centered to prioritizing others' needs.

Yili’s heart became more forgiving and compassionate, and gradually her skin condition improved. One day Yili was taking a test and accidentally brushed her forehead. The dead skin fell off like snowflakes, and she realized that her skin lesions had healed and dried up. Her skin was silky smooth a few weeks after she became a Falun Dafa practitioner. Now she’s a beautiful grown woman who is a manager in a jewelry store.

Recovering from Epilepsy

Mengxuan was the center of his family’s attention since he was born. Unfortunately he frequently became sick and needed to be hospitalized. When he was three years old, he came down with an acute fever and his face turned purple as he stopped breathing. The doctor revived him, but he had changed. His eyes became dull and he involuntarily squinted. His face twitched and he didn’t respond to things like he used to.

Experts examined him and he was diagnosed with epilepsy. The disease changed the adorable boy, as his condition continued to worsen. Eventually his neck began to twitch and his posture looked awkward.

Mengxuan was on a lot of medication, and was often seen by a doctor. When it was time to take his medicine, the pills would fill his little hand, and his mother reassured him that taking all of them would help him. The medicine made him drowsy.

His mother was physically and mentally exhausted from taking care of him. She tried to commit suicide once when riding a bike with Mengxuan in the back, going into traffic, but fortunately the driver stopped just in time. Mengxuan reminded his mother to be careful as she rode away in tears.

The teachers often called home to tell her that Mengxuan fell asleep during class. His mother didn’t tell the teachers about his condition, fearing that he would face discrimination.

Mengxuan’s mother took him to a doctor in 1995, who was a relative. The doctor, a Falun Dafa practitioner, invited them to learn the practice that night. Mengxuan was so focused on the video that he didn’t move the whole time. His mother also thought the teachings were wonderful. The three of them went home feeling comfortable and happy that night.

Shortly after Mengxuan began to practice Dafa, his twitching stopped and he looked better each day. He followed the Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance and was popular at school. Most of his relatives became practitioners after witnessing Mengxuan’s miraculous transformation.

Paralyzed Toddler Turns into a Healthy Adult

Mai Xiu from Shandong Province was paralyzed on the right side of her body at the age of three after a dangerously high fever. She could only crawl after that. After her family exhausted all of their financial means on medical treatments, she could barely walk and often tripped.

Xiu never attended PE class at school or did any physical activity. She was embarrassed by the way she walked. After middle school, she stayed at home to do embroidery to make a living. Her workload intensified after she got married, as she also had to do household chores. Gradually she developed bad headaches and was exhausted. The symptoms made her vomit and dizzy, and she became pale and thin.

Xiu didn’t want to take the medicine, for it was very expensive. The headaches were so unbearable that she tried to drink her own urine, as it was recommended by an acquaintance. The headaches worsened, and not even the painkillers helped.

Xiu’s sister-in-law suggested that she try Falun Dafa. She picked up the practice in February 1997, and within a few days she no longer had headaches. She could finally sleep and eat. Slowly her toe stopped hurting when she walked. Eventually she was healthy and could do all kinds of work.

Xiu’s parents were in their 70's at the time, and her grandmother was in her 90s. Her mother had a stroke and needed extra care. Xiu had to take care of all three of them. She didn’t complain and said, “I am lucky that I am capable of taking care of others. Falun Dafa gave me a second life.” Besides chores, she had to work night shifts and help with harvesting crops and feeding the livestock. She also helped out on her sisters’ farms. She was always energetic, although she was working almost 17 hours a day for a period of time.

Recovery from Two Cancers

When Yu Tianlong was 15, he was diagnosed with lymphoma and lung cancer after a fever he could not shake. His parents visited all the major hospitals in Heilongjiang Province. The diagnosis was the same. After a few days in a hospital that specialized in cancer treatment, the doctor told them to go home and make funeral arrangements.

Tianlong’s condition deteriorated after he went home. Running out of choices, his family decided to let him try Falun Dafa in 2002, despite it being banned. Tianlong’s aunt, a practitioner, took him home and let him watch the Dafa lecture videos. Very quickly, he was able to eat simple food.

Tianlong’s father took him to a hospital for chemotherapy because his condition had improved. His body was still swollen and the doctor didn’t think he was a candidate for chemotherapy. While hospitalized, his swelling disappeared during that night. The next morning his doctor came to check on him, and found a healthy boy. He was amazed and had several of his colleagues to come see this remarkable recovery.

Tianlong went home and continued to practice Falun Dafa. His father took him back to the hospital for more chemo treatments and the doctor sent him home, as there was no more cancer present. Tianlong is now in his 30s and lives a happy life, illness free.

Former Cancer Patient Happily Married

When she was seven, Renia, a Russian, was told that the lump on her right hand was part of a desmoid tumor in the connective tissue. Her doctor removed it, but it came back after eight months. She had four surgeries in a year and multiple chemo treatments. Just as she thought that she was in full remission, the cancer recurred when she was 20 years old. Nothing helped this time and she was dying.

Renia’s mother remembered that some of her relatives practiced Falun Dafa and knew that many people had recovered from serious illnesses. Seeing that Renia was too weak to continue the therapy, the mother decided to practice Falun Dafa with her.

The two did the exercises and studied Zhuan Falun every day. Renia quickly regained her strength. The side effects from the chemotherapy, such as anemia, nausea, loss of appetite, and a weak stomach, disappeared. Tests at the hospital a few months later showed that her tumor had shrunk.

It has been six years, and Renia has recovered from life threatening cancer. She has graduated from college, got married and works as a graphic designer.