(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1995. After the Chinese Communist Party launched the persecution in July 1999, I went to appeal for my right to practice Falun Dafa in Beijing twice. I was detained by police but managed to escape with righteous thoughts.

Eliminating Attachments

I learned how to use the computer and go online in 2004. I tried to clarify the facts about Dafa through the Internet, but the outcome was not satisfactory. I then began to gradually slack off in cultivation and developed many attachments.

At that time, I also got divorced and started using social media platforms like WeChat and Tencent QQ. I was enticed by the secular world and strayed further away from cultivation. I could not focus while studying the Fa or calm down while doing the Dafa exercises. My xinxing level dropped, and I even fought with others.

One day, I fell and severely injured my hip bone. I finally realized the seriousness of my problem and decided I should delete WeChat and QQ.

The Minghui notice, “What All Dafa Disciples Must Know, was published around the same time. I enlightened that this was not just for security concerns but a sign that the Fa-rectification has moved to another stage. I immediately deleted WeChat, QQ, Taobao, and other similar programs on my phone and switched to a flip phone.

Since then, my cultivation state has improved immensely. I was able to achieve tranquility as soon as I sat down to do the fifth meditation exercise and reached a state of gradual enlightenment that same night. My celestial eye also opened. I could now focus while studying the Fa and found inner peace.

Now I study the Fa, do the Dafa exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, and go out to clarify the truth every day. It feels as though I have just begun cultivation again.

For many years, I was not able to be diligent. I wanted to improve but did not know how. Thank you, Master, for helping me get back on track!