(Minghui.org) I am a farmer, but the farm doesn't provide the money I need to support my family. I do other jobs to earn extra income. I work 10 hours or more daily, and then do the farm work when I get home.

I used to study the Falun Dafa books for an hour after dinner. Sometimes I was so tired that I dozed off. I used to go to bed around 9:30 p.m. and get up at 3:30 a.m. to do the exercises. I slept about six hours every day.

Later, thinking that six hours of sleep was not enough, I woke up an hour later and did only one hour of the exercises a day. I sent righteous thoughts once or twice a day. I became lazy about making truth clarification materials and talking to people about Falun Dafa. I didn't have time to read the Minghui Weekly and my cultivation had been relegated to the back burner.

Then, I read an article about how a cultivator managed his time on Minghui Weekly. The practitioner said he studied the Fa until close to midnight, sent righteous thoughts, then went to bed. He woke up at 3:40 a.m to do the exercises, and thus only slept about three hours a day.

I was shaken and thought about my situation. Would I be able to consummate should the Fa-rectification end right now? I didn't think so. I thought I should seize the moment, be diligent, and catch up with the Fa-rectification process.

Although I thought about what to do, I couldn't shake off the attachment to laziness and not being diligent.

Master must have seen that I wanted to be more diligent, and reminded me of his words,

“Study the Fa and gain the Fa,Focus on how you study and cultivate,Let each and every thingbe measured against the Fa.Only then, with that,is it actually cultivation.”(“Solid Cultivation” from Hong Yin)

I was determined to be like the practitioner who wrote the article. I began studying the Fa until close to midnight, sent righteous thoughts, and then went to bed. I would then get up at 3:40 a.m. to do the exercises.

It was a good feeling when I was able to achieve that. As I spent more time studying the Fa, I was able to read more Dafa books. I had more time to read Minghui Weekly, and was able to do all five exercises in one shot. I sent righteous thoughts more often and they became more effective.

My righteous thoughts grew stronger as I studied more Fa, and I was able to catch up with truth clarification projects.

Although I am sleeping less, I have more energy when I work. I realized “you will be unrested if you sleep less” is a human notion. Cultivators need to let go of human notions to experience the wonders of Dafa.

I noticed a problem after going through this experience. Many practitioners in China do not place importance on reading Minghui Weekly articles. Master requires us to study the Fa together. It is an opportunity for us to share after group Fa-study, and help each other raise our cultivation level. But, because of the persecution, it is difficult for us to get together to study and share in a group situation. Therefore, I think reading more Minghui Weekly sharing articles will help us improve and raise our cultivation level.