(Minghui.org) Five locals in Jilin Province were arrested on November 27, 2017, for refusing to renounce Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime.

Two of them were beaten so badly that they couldn’t walk, but police still sent them to a local detention center, where their torture and abuse continued. The same two Falun Gong practitioners had to be carried out on the day of their release. The other three practitioners were also subjected to various forms of mistreatment.

The five Jilin natives include four Changchun residents (Mr. Ding Bo, Mr. Wu Yueping and two female practitioners whose names remain to be investigated), who were detained for 15 days, as well as one Dehui City resident, Ms. Wang Xingxiang, who was detained for 23 days.

Mr. Wu

Mr. Wu and the other three Changchun practitioners were in his car when the arrest took place. One officer held him down and stepped on his back, while a few others cuffed his hands behind his back.

All the practitioners were interrogated at Dehui City Police Department before being taken to Dehui City Detention Center that night.

Mr. Wu refused to cooperate with police and was restrained in an “iron chair” with his hands cuffed to the back of the chair.

Mr. Wu again refused to answer questions at the detention center. Guard Li slapped him on the face. He spent the next 14 days in solitary confinement, where he was shackled to a floor ring for one week, handcuffed for 12 days, and denied bed cover for 12 days.

Police ransacked his home while he was in custody. His wife was so traumatized that she had a relapse of her heart problem and was hospitalized.

Mr. Wu was released on December 12 and got his impounded car back on December 18. The police, however, refused to return his confiscated laptop, claiming that the machine contained software for circumventing internet censorship.

Mr. Ding

Mr. Ding was also retrained to an iron chair at the police department. When he refused to have his picture taken, officers yanked his hair and slapped his face.

Police appeared at his home on December 1 to question his parents. It is unclear whether he got his confiscated items back after his release on December 12.

The Older Female Practitioner from Changchun

She is in her 60s. Police dragged her out of the car and beat her savagely on the day of the arrest. She couldn’t walk well afterward.

At the police department, an officer pushed her to the ground, causing her head to hit a chair. She passed out as a result, and police pinched her temple to wake her up. They resumed cursing and beating her as soon as she came to.

At the detention center, several male guards grabbed her arms and tried to force her to put on an inmate uniform. They didn’t stop until she warned them they were breaking the law. They proceeded to try to get her picture taken. She refused to comply and got her arms twisted hard. She screamed in pain.

The guards also removed her coat, leaving her with only a thin layer of clothes in an unheated room. Due to injuries to her arms and legs, she had to lie in bed all day. She also needed help using the restroom.

She had trouble keeping food down. She didn’t eat anything on the first three days of her detention and only had some liquid food during the rest of her detention. Her family had to carry her out of the detention center when she was released on December 12. They noted her thighs were very swollen.

The Younger Female Practitioner from Changchun

The other female practitioner from Changchun was also brutally beaten during her arrest. She had trouble walking afterward but was still sent to the detention center.

At the detention center, she was also kept in a room without climate control. The guards injured her arms as she resisted having her picture taken. She went on a hunger strike for three days, during which time she was not given a comforter or pillow to use at night.

She fainted briefly on the third night and also began having bloody stool, which continued for more than one week after her release on December 12.

Ms. Wang

Chief Wang Lihong and officer Lu beat Ms. Wang on the day of her arrest. Officer Ge Xuquan kicked her on the back so hard that she fell.

Police took Ms. Wang to have a medical examination on the day the other four practitioners were released. She had unusually high blood pressure, but police forced another local detention center to admit her.

Several officers came to interrogate her at the new detention center on December 13 and December 15. She reiterated that she broke no laws by exercising her constitutional right to freedom of belief. Police released her on bail on December 20.

Ms. Wang’s latest arrest was her second arrest in 2017 and ninth since the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999. She was once sentenced to nine years in prison in 2004 and brutally tortured.

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