(Minghui.org) Ming (alias) and I have been going to the countryside to talk to people about Falun Dafa since 2014. During these past three years, I have found many attachments and would like to share a few stories regarding them.

Being Understanding of Others

This past spring, Ming and I went to put up Dafa banners in a village. Every time I made a suggestion to put up a banner where there were a lot of people, Ming would ignore it and pick an inconspicuous place instead. I felt she lacked strong righteous thoughts and was too afraid. I began gradually to dislike her.

Later at home, when I studied the Fa and looked inward, I found my attachments. I realized I was actually at fault in dealing with Ming. Teacher does not blame or dislike practitioners when they make mistakes, so how could I despise my fellow practitioner?

To eliminate further misunderstandings, I asked Ming the reason why she picked a certain spot over another. She said that banners hung up at inconspicuous places would not be taken down as fast as in places with many people, and it would bring less attention to what we were doing. Those who have a predestined relationship will also see the banners no matter where they were hung.

Eliminating Attachments and Cooperating With Others

I have recently been going out to distribute Dafa materials at night. It is usually just Ming and me, but sometimes another practitioner joins us.

Besides putting up posters about Dafa, we have also been tearing down the posters put up by the local 610 Office that slander Dafa. They have even set up display boards at several places.

When putting up Dafa posters, I would shine my motorcycle headlight on the other person to make it easier to see in the dark. Ming would often ask me to not shine the light on her, so I became upset, thinking that she had a strong attachment to fear.

I then wanted to stop cooperating with her, and I thought of working with practitioners who did face-to-face truth-clarification in the daytime instead.

I calmed down later and thought more about the issue. I came to see that not many people in our group study are able to go out at night. Also, I am young, so I should share the responsibility of clearing away the evils' posters and distribute our materials. It is not easy for only two female practitioners to do the work since we travel more than 62 miles each night. It is also tiring to continuously get on and off the motorcycle.

I have also found my attachments of not wanting to hear criticism or advice through this experience. I only liked to be praised. I know that if I do not correct myself immediately, the old forces will exploit my loopholes. I am grateful for this experience to improve myself and to the practitioners for their sharing.

Unconditionally Looking Within

I realized that I did not cultivate my speech when I kept saying that Ming had a strong attachment to fear.

Teacher said:

“For example, there are conflicts among one another, such as ‘you’re good, but he isn’t good,’ or ‘your cultivation is good, but his isn’t.’ These are conflicts themselves. Let us talk about something that is common, such as ‘I want to do this or that,’ or ‘this matter should now be done this way or that way.’ Perhaps it will unintentionally hurt someone.” (Zhuan Falun)

To cultivate is to look within unconditionally. We should look within when seeing problems in others and examine to see if we also have those problems. Only when we do it this way can practitioners be united in their hearts and do things well.

Two practitioners once went with me to villages to distribute Dafa materials. I told them beforehand that we would distribute materials at certain places on our way back home. Yet, one of them still distributed materials on our way to the villages.

At one of the areas that we had distributed the informational materials, I saw a young man talking on his cell phone and immediately had a negative thought. I was convinced that he was reporting us to the authorities.

I knew that this thought was not good and tried to eliminate it right away: What we were doing was the best thing and no one should interfere with us. Yet, we heard the police car's siren after we had traveled over a mile.

I became nervous and worried. I then thought, “It can't be the guy reporting us. It is an illusion. The police couldn't have arrived within half an hour, even if the guy had called.” I calmed down, eliminated the attachment to fear, and continued with what we were doing.

No police car ever approached us or could be seen anywhere. I understood that it was Teacher who utilized the situation to expose my attachment to fear so that I can get rid of it.