(Minghui.org) While walking the cultivation journey during the Fa-rectification period, some practitioners experienced sickness karma but were able to overcome the situation quickly. Their xinxing improved and they witnessed the power of Dafa. The Minghui website has published many articles on this topic.

There were also those that were stagnant for a long time, which kept them from doing the three things well.

Then there were those that lost their lives, which had a negative impact.

Some practitioners have made tremendous efforts to help those that were experiencing sickness karma. Because everyone had a different approach to doing things, unnecessary conflicts among practitioners occurred. They felt helpless and distressed.

We have the same Teacher and study the same teachings. Why is the result so disproportionate? I understand that Fa-rectification requires Dafa disciples to form an invincible and unbreakable whole. We firmly believe in Dafa cultivation, try hard to improve according to the Fa principles, and are not deterred by evil. In those areas that do well, practitioners reach the standard and validate Dafa as well as establish mighty virtue.

Yet in areas where practitioners do not reach the standard, many people are still in the process of making efforts.

The evil old forces take advantage of Dafa disciples who may, at certain times, be inadequate in cultivating. This situation creates loopholes for the old forces to sneak in. Their interference hinders Dafa disciples as a whole body and affects the Fa-rectification. The interference manifests itself in various forms of persecution such as being arrested, prison sentences, being sent to brainwashing centers, financial constraints, and illness tribulations. These are tests to see if practitioners can continue to cultivate. This is imposed by the old forces, which is not in Teacher's arrangements.

A Practitioner's Sickness Karma May Target the Group As a Whole

When there is a practitioner that displays symptoms of sickness, it could be regarded as interference aiming at the whole body of practitioners to which the person belongs. It is definitely not a single person's issue.

Everyone needs to examine themselves using the Fa principles, try to be selfless and be more considerate of others; then, the old forces' arrangements will be denied completely. If all practitioners in the area can do that, this practitioner's sickness karma will disappear as the standards of 'whole body' set by Teacher have been met.

This is how I understand the Fa principle taught by Master, "...go along with their ploys and turn their ploys against them." (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference) I have a deeper understanding now.

A Local Practitioner Overcomes Sickness Karma After the Group Improves As a Whole

A local practitioner, "Sha," was having sickness karma a few days ago. At first, only a few people knew about it. They quietly studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts with her. They also helped her to look inward. Sha's situation got better.

When other practitioners discovered Sha’s situation, they went to share with her and brought along gifts. Their visits took up a great deal of Sha's time, making her feel quite tired. Gradually, she began feeling resentful as well.

Thus, she posted a note on her door saying "No Visitors" and only accepted a few into her home to study the Fa. Meanwhile, many went to her house and became annoyed when they saw the note on the door. Practitioner "Bin" ripped the note off the door and took Sha to her own home. Practitioners who did not know the inside story knocked on the door of Sha's house, but no one answered, thus they assumed she was refusing to answer. This incident created some unnecessary gaps among practitioners in the region.

Sha stayed at Bin's house for 11 days. Every day, they studied the Fa and sent righteous thoughts, but Sha's sickness karma became more serious. Then Sha walked home with much difficulty. By then, she was hoping that others would come by and help her, but hardly anyone wanted to go. This was a big loss to Sha.

Fortunately, three practitioners went to Sha's house. They calmly analyzed the situation and shared their understandings based on the Fa. The process made everyone realize that the problem did not just pertain to Sha, but to all those in the region.

They made plans to study the Fa together every day. After that, they shared their Fa understanding with regards to sickness karma, identifying individuals' human mindsets, attachments, and notions.

All small Fa study groups discussed a common topic: how to best understand sickness karma and help those involved. The collective actions of the whole body helped everyone elevate and improve. Eventually, Sha's sickness karma disappeared.

This incident helped us realize the importance of studying the Fa and discussing issues as one body. Only when we act together, will the boundless power of the Fa manifest and more sentient beings can be then be saved.

Points to Pay Attention To

I would like to share several points which are worthy of notice in the above process:

1. When sickness karma occurs, it is best to not let all practitioners know, especially ordinary people, so as to prevent unnecessary aggravating interference.

2. Those who experience sickness karma should own up to any shortcomings or mistakes and not hide or cover them up.

3. We need to be compassionate and not develop resentment when faced with those who lack skills and experiences. We also need to pay attention to the way we speak and not to casually pass on to others things we hear. It is important to be positive.

4. We ought to remember the golden guidance of "looking inward" taught by our Teacher whenever we encounter things, as nothing is a coincidence. We need to cherish the opportunity to improve ourselves.

5. We are practicing cultivation during the Fa-rectification period. Therefore, we have to be conscious of group unity. We must guard our thoughts and actions, get rid of selfishness and watch out for self-admiration so that we can be lives in the new universe.

6. Any trouble we encounter in Fa-rectification can be regarded as a test to see if we truly believe in Teacher and Dafa. We should examine ourselves to determine if we study the Fa well and then strive to put our Fa understandings into practice. Any troubles encountered can also be opportunities for Dafa disciples to clarify the facts and completely negate the old forces' arrangements.

7. We practice Falun Dafa with our whole heart. Only with a mind full of righteous thoughts and intentions can we be successful.

8. The success of walking the cultivation path in Fa-rectification depends on how well we study the Fa and how hard we guard ourselves. Only when we study the Fa with full attention and seriously watch ourselves and get rid of attachments can we return home with Teacher.

The above sharing is my personal understanding. Please point out any inadequacies.