(Minghui.org) My name is Yangyang. I was born in 2003, near the city of Hanzhong. I began showing symptoms of illness when I was just three years old. My parents brought me to Xijing Hospital, but despite a thorough examination doctors were unable to pinpoint the cause of my illness.

At the age of six I experienced swelling of my wrists, knees and ankles. My legs became so inflamed and deformed that I was unable to walk without pain. The joints of my hands became so swollen that I could neither straighten my fingers nor grasp objects normally. My parents brought me back to Xijing Hospital where I was admitted for monitoring and treatment. Despite spending a few million yuan in treatment fees, my condition remained the same.

Not long after, my skin turned dry and flaky. Deep cracks also began forming on the surface of my skin like open wounds. These wounds hurt when they came in contact with water, and bathing became an excruciatingly painful affair. Compared to my peers, I stood out as a thin, sickly child.

Shortly after school began in 2016, the inflammation of my leg joints became more severe and soon I was barely able to stand or move without difficulty. New symptoms began manifesting in my right eye and soon I was only able to see a mass of white light. Further attempts to focus my vision would result in excessive tearing. My parents were forced to pull me out of school to seek treatment at the hospital once again. However, the expensive treatment was only successful in relieving my pain.

My poor health created a heavy financial burden on my family. My father was the only breadwinner and had to earn enough to support our family of four. It was also necessary to purchase large quantities of milk formula for my baby brother. Worry over our financial situation caused much stress for my parents.

In 2017, my aunt visited our family during the New Year and was shocked to hear of my condition. My aunt is a Falun Gong practitioner and asked if I wanted to learn Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) with her. My aunt had described the healing powers of Dafa to me during her previous visits and I decided to give it a try. Thus, I moved into my aunt’s home and began learning Falun Dafa from her.

After my first day of reading Zhuan Falun, I felt Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, purifying my body. That night in my dreams, I saw Master saving many children from the bitter seas. The frequently recurring nightmare I had experienced over the past ten years also vanished. I knew that Master had accepted me as a practitioner.

My aunt and I read Zhuan Falun daily and strive to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in our everyday lives. I like listening to Dafa experience sharing articles and traditional cultural stories from online websites. I also love the illustrations in Hong Yin and have tried my best to copy those pictures. To boost my confidence and to encourage my drawing efforts, Master showed me a beautiful lotus from another dimension.

I was determined to eliminate my karma and worked hard at practicing the exercises. Although it was unbearably painful to stand, much less lift my arms above my head, I held on through each torturous minute, even when tears were running uncontrollably down my face. However, I would be rewarded with an amazing sense of lightness and comfort after finishing the exercises. During the exercises, whenever I folded my hands over my lower abdomen, I would feel something rotating within my stomach. My aunt explained that I was feeling the Falun as it adjusted my body.

One afternoon, the back of my left hand suddenly began to feel hot and painful. This was soon replaced by a cooling sensation. Upon inspection, I found that the swelling of my hand had suddenly gone down. Master systematically began healing my arms and soon I was able to hold my arms above my head effortlessly.

Besides healing my body, Master also made me smarter. I now breeze through coursework which I had difficulty understanding earlier, as well as speak and write with greater confidence and proficiency. To date, I have finished copying the entire volume of Hong Yin and Hong Yin III, and have also started a cultivation diary to write down my extraordinary recovery through Falun Dafa cultivation practice.

Falun Dafa cultivation practice has restored my health and endowed me with much energy. I have put on weight, my skin has become lustrous and my limbs have become strong and agile. For all this, I give my heartfelt gratitude to Master!