(Minghui.org) People revere ancient Chinese society for its high moral standards and principles. Upholding morality was strongly emphasized, and there were strict rules regarding relationships between men and women. Even thinking about inappropriate relationships was considered a terrible sin. Since the entire society stressed these principles, the people were able to maintain high moral standards.

Today, we are surrounded by the temptations of lust in society, which can easily trap cultivators who are not diligent in their practice. Some cultivators have gotten caught up in the degenerated society and indulged themselves in lust. Some have managed to control their thoughts and behavior, waded through the filth, and are heading to a brighter future.

I have seen how some Falun Dafa practitioners were seriously persecuted due to their attachment to lust. Some even lost their lives. Several practitioners have written articles to point out that lust and sexual desire are demons. As cultivators, we have to stay alert and never indulge ourselves in this regard. Letting go of this attachment is the only way we can upgrade our cultivation levels.

I would like to share what I have seen and understood on this issue.

From birth to old age we form countless notions and attachments as we experience the world around us. As these notions and attachments grow stronger they can eventually control any of us. When we treat them as part of us, our true selves are not in charge. Controlled by these acquired notions and desires, people become lost and gradually head towards destruction.

Our original lives came from higher levels of the cosmos. As we reincarnated lifetime after lifetime, we formed the notion of “self.”

When one reincarnates as a man, one is attracted to women's beauty and tenderness and feels tempted to admire their bodies. When one incarnates as a woman, one longs for a man's strength and to be loved and cherished by them.

Each time we reincarnate, the family we are born into, as well as the people we meet and interact with, are all arranged by gods. These predestined relationships result from either positive or negative karmic ties. Through our interactions, we fulfill past wishes, repay old debts, establish new connections, and unknowingly build up more karma. Human bodies carry the things gods created for human beings, as well as various notions and karma that have built up over past lifetimes.

Falun Dafa practitioners are fortunate to have obtained the Fa and learned the true meaning of life. We enjoy wisdom and happiness and want to cultivate ourselves diligently and return to our true origins.

However, society's degenerated morals challenge us with various obstacles. These factors interfere with our cultivation. Worst of all is interference from lust, which can truly pull practitioners down in their cultivation.

People think that sexual desires are normal and instinctual, but it's actually something placed on humans in order to maintain human society. This matter is controlled by beings within the Three Realms.

Master said,

“When beings look from high levels, they say the people of the world are really just playing in mud, but that they don’t think it’s filthy, and they’re on the ground playing away in the mud.” (Zhuan Falun)

While divine beings view lust as being filthy, humans consider it pleasurable.

If one could see the world from other dimensions, they would find that many factors are controlling humans. Lust and desires are systematically arranged by the old forces and imposed upon humans. They directly control human bodies, and people accept that feeling. It's hard for those who lack strong willpower to resist the temptation of lust.

Even though Dafa practitioners live under the control of all the old force factors in the Three Realms and don't outwardly seem any different from other people, we were pushed to a higher level the moment we began to cultivate. We continue to be lifted to higher realms and break away from the restrictions of the Three Realms. Lust is one of the factors we must break away from.

As soon as the desire of lust arises in one's mind, the beings in charge of these matters reinforce our desires. If we consider it part of us, we allow ourselves to be more tightly controlled by the demon of lust.

One day, I saw the beings who are in charge of these matters in another dimension. They belonged to the realm of sensual desires. The males looked licentious and the females looked coquettish. They start to work as soon as people have sexual desires. They carry two bottles, one is filled with sentiment, the other is filled with desire. A pink mist wafts out of the bottle of sentiment that is held by the female beings, and envelopes women. A darker pink mist comes from the bottle of sentiment held by the males, and envelopes men. The mist makes men and women get lost in mutual attraction.

When people are controlled by this material they behave differently. Some become irrational and even act crazy. Human bodies are polluted during the process of having sex, and the beings in other dimensions get gratification by drawing essence from humans. However, humans think that this feeling of gratification is theirs, and they pursue it. The sounds they make during intercourse are a combination of animal and demon sounds.

For cultivators, it's shameful to fall under these beings' control. If you could see what happens in those dimensions, you would see demons of lust entering people's reproductive organs and taking control of the person's being. They can drain a cultivator's energy, and even cause them to die.

Chinese people say, “lust is like a knife hanging over your head.” However, few people can truly discipline themselves in their behavior, speech, or their thoughts.

Some women like to wear revealing clothes in public these days, and some men constantly watch women, have fantasies and talk about them. It's sinful to do this. Cultivators shouldn't have thoughts of lust, because gods are watching us closely. Karma forms as soon as we have a lustful thought.

Our original lives come from higher realms that are pure and clean. The lust and sexual desires we've acquired are like dirty clothing and aren't part of us. Manipulative beings are behind these lustful thoughts and feelings, and as cultivators, we must disintegrate them.

Everyone comes to this world with a wish to return to their original true self. How can the filthiness of this world block our sincere wish?

It's no easy task to see through the demon of lust. It has occupied human bodies and minds for so long and continues to draw energy from sexual behaviors, flirting, fantasies of lust, sexual content in the media, etc. Its hunger triggers biological reactions in human bodies, making people long for sex.

People feel good about lust and don't want to part with it. This is because the demon of lust doesn't want to leave. It will send details of past sexual experiences to the brain to make people remember past experiences, making it harder for them to break away from it.

The demon is happy about this state of mind because it gets its energy replenished, lives off it, and continues to control the person.

Lust is addictive and is also the most selfish sentiment. It makes people lose their wisdom and brings sad endings to predestined relationships.

One practitioner said that, lifetime after lifetime karma builds up and becomes a solid substance. It's hard to completely clean it in just a couple of tries. The only way is to continuously study the Fa, through which our thoughts are purified and our levels are elevated.

As soon as a lustful thought appears, we have to deny it and send forth righteous thoughts to completely eliminate the old force demons.

(Continued in Part 2)