(Minghui.org) Jun, a Falun Dafa practitioner, is related to a high-level executive in a publicly traded company. One day, the relative said to Jun, “If you want to trade in stocks, I can provide you with insider information that will guarantee you will make money.”

Jun thought to himself, “These days it is hard to run a business and make money. It's not a big deal to make use of this opportunity. It also doesn't go against what Teacher prohibits because I wouldn't be attached to it or follow the stock prices all the time.” Therefore, he invested some money to buy the stock. Before long, he’d made 1,200 yuan from it.

However, when he was about to invest more money, an incident made him change his mind. For a business trip, he booked his flight ticket online. He intended to select a discounted ticket but accidentally clicked on a regular-priced ticket by mistake. He paid 1,200 yuan more than the discounted ticket. He enlightened, “I should not have traded in stocks.” So he stopped trading right away.

A friend of Jun's, who was experienced in trading stocks, visited him. The friend said, “I invest in stocks with a few friends. We do our research, and we always make money. Do you want to join us?”

“I am a Falun Dafa practitioner” said Jun. “I should not speculate in stocks.”

His friend replied, “You don't have to do anything. All you have to do is to invest some money. We'll take care of the rest.”

Jun thought, “Dafa practitioners are prohibited from speculating in stocks.” But then he decided that, since he wouldn’t be doing the actual speculating it would be all right. He invested nearly 40,000 yuan.

Before long, Jun lost more than 30,000 yuan. He then began to have serious symptoms of illness karma, such as pain, weakness, lethargy, stomachaches, and rapid weight loss.

His stomachache was especially troubling because it got worse by the day. He began to suspect that he had stomach cancer. Some nights he couldn't sleep at all.

Jun's parents are also Dafa practitioners. At first, they thought his symptoms were just karma elimination and didn't pay much attention to it. Later, when his condition became much more serious, they began to send forth righteous thoughts for him and encouraged him, saying, “Do not acknowledge the persecution by the old forces. Ask Master to strengthen you. Send the illness karma back to the old forces.”

Jun still couldn't sleep. His stomachache worsened. At times he writhed in pain. His mother sat beside him, read the Fa to him, and helped him send forth righteous thoughts. But he just got worse.

He was so weak that he became bedridden. Sometimes he had trouble opening his eyes. His wife sat next to his bed, at a loss for what to do. His young child climbed in bed next to him, but Jun had no reaction. He didn't even have the strength to lift his arms. He appeared so sick, as if he could pass away at any moment.

The next morning, Jun finally managed to sit up and recounted his dream of the night before. In the dream, he was on a train and thought to himself, “Let's return all the illness karma to the rotten demons and dark minions. I will not acknowledge the old forces' persecution.” He was taken to a hospital. Two nurses stood in front of him and gave him an injection. He refused to allow it by pulling the needle out.

He smiled as he recounted this dream. He seemed to be a bit proud of himself for his strong righteous thoughts and that he could remember not to acknowledge the old forces' arrangement, even in his dream.

The other practitioners present thought that this dream was very important, perceiving it as a hint about his fundamental attachment. They knew it was serious for Jun to have such intense symptoms, which could not be resolved by just sending forth righteous thoughts. They began to try to help Jun find his loopholes.

His mother asked him, “Could it be something to do with your speculating in stocks?” That caught everybody off guard, because no one knew that Jun had done that. His mother only knew about it from overhearing him talk to the other traders. Jun then told them about his stock trading.

His father said, “I think that's where the problem is. That is your biggest loophole and the cause of your illness karma. Let me share with you how I interpret your dream.

“You were on a train in the dream. It means you have to be quick about stopping your trading in stocks. For two nurses to give you an injection, it means that the old forces were watching you closely. Whether you speculate and gamble on stocks yourself or do so through other people, you need to admit the mistake in your heart to Master, because it went against the Fa. You must truly come to realize this and correct yourself.

“Your condition is critical, shouldn't you quickly wake up? Ask Master for help and completely negate the old forces' persecution right now.”

Jun was very touched. This was his wake-up call, and he decided to sell all his shares.

Jun's condition quickly turned around. He regained his energy and could eat. His stomachache lessened. Within a day, he was almost back to normal.

It is hard to imagine that a veteran practitioner could make such a terrible mistake. I have also witnessed in past years that practitioners who were persecuted to death might have strayed from the Fa only a little bit.

I am sharing this story to remind practitioners that cultivation is indeed very serious.