(Minghui.org) The Minghui website recently published an article titled “A Cultivator Should Not Interfere with Everyday Affairs.” The author criticized another article in which a practitioner mentioned that he used his supernormal ability to help police crack a criminal case.

Everyone Is a Cultivator

Not many practitioners with supernormal abilities have written sharing articles. However, such articles can encourage other practitioners and open their minds, give greater confidence to those whose celestial eyes are not open, and could have a positive impact.

But some practitioners resist such articles and criticize them excessively. They are worried that such articles will lead readers down a wrong path. Some practitioners have a negative opinion of any article that focuses on supernormal abilities.

In my opinion, practitioners who have supernormal abilities are cultivators, too. They are not divine beings. The same is true for those whose celestial eyes are closed; they also walk their cultivation paths. They may fall, too.

Master watches every disciple. Given that, we should neither criticize these practitioners nor worry about them, let alone be so quick to criticize their articles. Master has arranged such paths for them, so we should cherish these practitioners.

Validating the Fa or Oneself

Using a supernormal ability to help a police officers crack a criminal case, in my opinion, was good. Why? A practitioner should do everything based on a correct foundation and correct motivation. But are you trying to validate the Fa or yourself?

The practitioner who helped the police had a correct understanding. He said, “Catching criminals at large is an ordinary issue, and a practitioner usually should not get involved. But this police officer, whose family members practice Falun Dafa, has a positive attitude towards Dafa and had helped practitioners many times. To validate the Fa, and to encourage kind people, I decided to use my supernormal power to help him.”

It shows that the author of that article knew what he was doing. During the persecution, how many police officers have had the correct attitude towards Dafa? How many of them have helped us? Since this policeman helped practitioners and then asked for help himself, it was fine to help him using a supernormal ability. Our purpose is to validate Dafa and save him. So, in such a special historic period, it is fine to let them know that Dafa practitioners are not ordinary and that Dafa can give some supernormal powers. Our task in the Fa-rectification period is to save people. This is what Master wants.

If this police officer knew that the man could help him but refused to, what might have been the consequences? How will he see Dafa and treat practitioners in the future because the practitioner used a supernormal power to crack the case that ordinary people could not? No doubt he will respect practitioners more. He might even start practicing. This is a good thing. If he spreads this message, then the positive effects will be even greater.

Not Going to the Extreme

In history, cultivators often punished evil people using supernormal powers. In the future, when people talk about practitioners helping the police, they will think this is a righteous action, because our purpose is to save people. In my opinion, it should be fine as long as we do not go to extremes.

In my area a few years ago, a village was hit with a severe drought, and the professional well-diggers failed to strike water after trying multiple locations. One villager suggested asking a local practitioner for help. This practitioner's celestial eye is open. She pointed to a spot and said they would find fresh water there. Many people did not believe her, but she was sure.

So the workers drilled and found water. The entire village was thrilled. The government officials held a party, and the village head said, “From now on, I will not suppress Falun Dafa. They can practice whenever they want. If the provincial police come here, send them to me.”

The Fa teaches us that we cannot use supernormal abilities to interfere with everyday society and mess up the normal state of society. But in this special historic period, in order to help save people and help them understand the Fa, I think it is fine if we use a supernormal ability on occasion, as long as it is not often and we don't have a show-off mentality.