(Minghui.org) Simply owning a Falun Gong book can still get one arrested in China today.

Ms. He Zhuhong from Lechang City, Guangdong Province, was arrested at the Lechang City Railway Station on March 2, 2016, for carrying Falun Gong books. She was sentenced to four years' imprisonment and is currently detained at the Guangzhou City Women's Prison.

Security at Lechang City Railway Station searched Ms. He's bag at a checkpoint station when she tried to take a train to her home in Pingshi City on March 2, 2016. They found Falun Gong books and informational materials in her bag. Police from the railway station were called, and they took her to the police station.

Later, agents from the Lechang City Domestic Security Division were called and took Ms. He to a lockup center, where she was held for 15 days. During this time, police ransacked her home but did not provide any list of the confiscated items.

On March 15, 2016, Ms. He was sent to a detention center. Her arrest was approved on April 19, 2016.

She was indicted by the Procuratorate on July 28, 2016. She was charged with “using a cult to undermine law enforcement,” a standard pretext used by the Chinese Communist Party in its attempt to frame and imprison practitioners of Falun Gong.

Ms. He was tried on August 23 at the Lechang Court and was given a four-year prison term on November 8, 2016.

Ms. He filed complaints against the Lechang City Political and the Legal Affairs Committee, the 610 Office, and Lechang Law Enforcement agents on September 25, 2016, for their violation of her rights, illegal arrest, and sentencing.