(Minghui.org) Before the onset of the persecution of Falun Dafa, I had a happy family life and earned a high income. However, my work unit fired me soon after the the persecution of Falun Dafa began in 1999.

I have been detained in a mental hospital, prison, brainwashing centers and have been homeless at times during the past 18 years. However, neither hardships or tribulations stopped me from cultivating.

Younger Brother Volunteers to Distribute USB Drives with Dafa Information

The prison released me on bail in 2009 due to high blood pressure. My entire family, with the exception of my younger brother, were happy for me.

My husband was forced to divorce me. I did not ask for anything and left him my house because he had suffered a lot due to the persecution. Since I was homeless, my sister and brothers gave me our father's apartment.

However, my younger brother had been living in my father's apartment ever since his former employer went bankrupt years ago. A Dafa practitioner thinks of others first and is selfless, so I let my brother stay in our father's apartment. My siblings praised me highly and acknowledged that practitioners were not like ordinary people.

My younger brother respected me very much for what I had done for him and volunteered to give his friends USB drives with information about Falun Dafa.

A Neighbor Supports Practitioner

My elder sister bought an old suburban apartment with the money we had inherited from our mother. After I was persecuted, she moved all my belongings to this apartment.

Since it had not been occupied for a long time, it needed a thorough cleaning. When I was cleaning, a middle-aged man banged on the door and asked for compensation for water damage to his apartment.

Instead of arguing with him, I asked if he had heard of Falun Dafa and then told him that I practiced it. He looked a bit puzzled, so I told him about Dafa and the persecution. He listened to me attentively and kept nodding his head.

I then told him that I had just been released from a 10-year prison term. I also told him that I had been fired from my job and tortured in prison. I explained that my brother and sister bought this apartment for me some time ago, and I did not have any money, so I could not compensate him. But, he could take whatever he wanted from the apartment. I told him that the safe was the most valuable item, and that there was an electronic printer. He calmed down and left silently.

When I was released from another detention, he came to visit, and said, “The communist regime can only detain human beings, but not gods. Please forget about the compensation. Sorry I did not tell you earlier. You do good deeds, and I should not do a bad deed.”

The police and the 610 Office had people monitor me on sensitive dates. This neighbor loudly reprimanded those people. He ordered them to leave immediately, or he would call the police. Neither the police department nor the 610 Office could not deal with him, so they stopped monitoring me.

Treating Police Officers Kindly

Two new practitioners and I were detained in a detention center in 2014. I was taken to a hospital due to high blood pressure. I refused to take any medicine but told them that I wanted to do the Dafa exercises.

I did the exercises, sent forth righteous thoughts, and recited the Fa every day. I talked to people about Falun Dafa whenever I had a chance. My blood pressure returned to normal, and the doctors were amazed.

Many doctors, police officers, and the security staff at the hospital then wanted me to tell them about Dafa.

When the temperature dropped and there were strong winds, I noticed that the security guy was cold. I asked him to come into my room to warm up. He told me that about 30 people were monitoring me, with 10 in the stairways, 10 outside the building and another 10 were at the hospital gate. I told him that I wanted to talk to his boss.

An officer came and I asked him to let these people leave, “It is so chilly and windy. As a practitioner, I cannot bear to see them suffer like this.” Unfortunately, he did not have the final say, so I asked him to pass my message on to whoever was in charge.

The people monitoring me were told they could leave, and I returned home. When these people saw me later on, they shouted “Faun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Cherish Relationships and Be Tolerant

My son and his wife told me that they wanted to get a divorce in 2015. I was shocked. Marriage is arranged by Gods and Buddhas. How could they want to get a divorce?

Much went through my mind. I looked within and decided that I should tell them to correct their behavior and elevate their moral values.

I told them that marriage is predestined and arranged by Gods and Buddhas. During the wedding ceremonies of the past, a husband and wife had to bow to heaven and earth, to their ancestors and then to each other. It was a sacred ritual. I told them to cherish their relationship, be tolerant and treat each other kindly.

“This gives me the opportunity to tell you how your father was forced to separate from me,” I said. “When the officers from the 610 Office tried to force me to give up Falun Dafa, I refused, so they persecuted your father. They threatened to have him fired if he did not divorce me. Considering that you would go to the university soon, your father should have a normal job, and your grandmother might not survive the blow of your father becoming jobless, I agreed to the divorce. Your father cried silently and kept looking back at me. He had countless sleepless nights, and his hair turned gray.”

“I came to realize that I was selfish 17 years ago. I did not think of the issue from your father's perspective. I did not consider that I had hurt him, or if he was able to bear it. I thought I was right and was very righteous. Actually, I should have stayed with your father, and we could have faced the problem together. Whenever I had conflicts with your father, he always apologized to me, and I never apologized to him. If I could do it over again, I would do it differently and most likely would experience fewer hardships and tribulations.”

My daughter-in-law and son told me that they understood the issue now and thanked me. They promised to do better in the future.

My daughter-in-law has become a practitioner. Her parents know the truth about Falun Dafa. They often say, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” They have benefited from Dafa.