(Minghui.org) I am a Dafa practitioner in my 30s and live in the countryside. After I obtained the Fa in the summer of 2002, all my ailments disappeared and I felt so light and very happy. Everyone in my family got along better, too. At that time, I learned that I could laugh. It feels good to laugh. I work very hard but feel full of energy when I ride my bike home after work every day.

Prior to learning Dafa, I was introverted and had been since I was young. I also suffered from rhinitis, arthritis, stomach problems, frequent colds and flu, and so on. While growing up, my parents didn’t get along and fought every day. So I had a miserable childhood—such a stark contrast from my life now.

Following Dafa's Principles

On my way to work, I recite the Fa and send forth the righteous thoughts. After I get home from work, I study the Fa with my mother and am immersed in the Fa principles every day. I strictly follow the Dafa principles at work and have clarified the truth to my boss and co-workers. Dafa has continued to endow me with wisdom. My boss and co-workers all understand the truth.

One co-worker was a bully. Many of the others who worked there didn’t want to work with her. When I first started working there, she made everything difficult for me. I didn’t even have a chance to speak. I realized that this must be a tribulation that I had to overcome in my cultivation.

When I calmed down and looked inward, I discovered a lot of attachments in myself: unfairness, resentment, a competitive mentality, vanity, self-interest, and fear of losing face. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate these attachments and calmed down, eliminating any prejudice against her.

After that, she began talking to me cheerfully. I also took the opportunity to explain the truth about Dafa to her. We have gotten along very well ever since. Our co-workers were surprised to see how nice she is to me.

Everything has changed. Thank you, Master and Dafa!

In 2013, with help from practitioners in another area, I finally learned how to download and print truth-clarification materials, and I established a material production site in my home. I really want to thank Master. And I am grateful to the other practitioners for their selfless help.

I've had many shortcomings in the course of more than ten years of cultivation, and I feel I have let Master and Dafa down. For example, I have not done the exercises regularly. I know it’s not right, but I still have not yet changed. I know it is due to my human attachment to comfort. I will do better on this and become a true practitioner.

Thank you, Master. I will be more diligent in cultivation and do the three things well.