(Minghui.org) The issue of safety has long been a problem for Falun Dafa practitioners in China. There are always some who do not pay attention to this, and they have caused unnecessary losses and learned painful lessons.

Other practitioners remind them repeatedly, but the warnings go in one ear and out the other. They still do whatever they want. And such behavior sometimes affects other practitioners, who think, “Although he didn't pay attention to safety, nothing bad happened to him, so maybe it is not such a big deal. With strong righteous thoughts, safety shouldn’t be an issue.”

The safety issue is complex. But what we know for sure is that it is because Master protects us that nothing untoward happens—not because one has strong righteous thoughts and cultivates well. It should be understood that, if such a practitioner does not cultivate well, he or she becomes a greater burden for Master.

Temporary Safety Is Only Temporary

Some practitioners do not pay enough attention to safety, but they do well in other areas of cultivation. Thus, when this practitioner faces danger, Master will protect him or her. But this requires that the person has no other loophole in his or her xinxing.

Also, the police are not watching your phone and internet activities 24/7. There are always safe windows of time, when the police are not monitoring your unsafe activities. But this is only temporary. It is important to remember that you escaped danger because you do well in cultivation. If you do not fix this loophole, you will be caught sooner or later.

Excuse for Careless Behavior

Many practitioners don't worry about safety, because they cannot find a specific reason. They claim that their strong righteous thoughts are sufficient to address the safety concern.

This is a strong attachment and not different from other attachments, such as fear, lust, and jealousy. But it is hidden deeply behind the “righteous thoughts” issue. Underlying it are laziness, self-righteousness, showing off, arrogance, impulsiveness, competitiveness, and even jealousy.

It looks like that practitioner has a solid belief in Master and the Fa, but, actually, the opposite is true.

Master has talked to us many times about the safety issue. If one really trusts Master, how can one not follow Master's teaching?

Do Not Confuse Righteous Thoughts with Safety Issues

The human world is a big maze. We should cultivate based on our enlightenment and not use supernatural powers.

Master said, “Here in the human world, the veil cannot be lifted during the Fa-rectification time.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”).

If we do not do well in cultivation, we will be persecuted. One cannot claim that righteous thoughts, which are a supernatural power, will protect us, because the veil was lifted a little for us.

Shouldn't we therefore always pay attention to safety instead of relying on righteous thoughts?

The Importance of the Minghui Website

Other practitioners set up online platforms to teach us how to upgrade computer software and install safety patches. The Minghui website also publishes articles to remind us to install safety patches. But some practitioners ignore them.

If we have an omission, we will affect others. Moreover, if such online platforms were useless, Master would not allow them to exist.

The Minghui website is of great value to our cultivation. It connects practitioners worldwide and harmonizes our connections.

Safety is one of the important components of the mechanism that keeps this website up and running and keeps us connected, so we should cooperate with the website and maintain this mechanism, including the safety component.

Believe in the Fa and Not Supernatural Skills

Master said, “Supernatural skills are but petty means. The Great Fa must be the basis of everything.” (“Seeking the Righteous Fa” from Hong Yin)

Some practitioners rely on their supernatural skills and ignore cultivation. Most of the problems or tribulations in cultivation happen because there is something we need to improve on and cultivate in ourselves. We need to improve our xinxing. How can one cultivate if one solves all the problems with one’s supernatural skills?

Letting Go of Notions

The old universe has gone bad. One of the major reasons is that the old lives are stubborn and arrogant. They do not have a good understanding of Master’s Fa. Although they were given chances to hear the Fa, they refuse to change or follow the Fa.

There will be many changes in the new universe, and one cannot be stubborn and hold on to what will no longer exist. Everything changes according to certain laws. Thus, we should assimilate to the Fa and follow the Fa of the universe so that we will conform to the requirements of the new cosmos. To do this, we must change the old notions that we acquired in the old universe.

Practitioners who do not pay attention to safety behave just like the the old forces. Although Master has warned us about the safety issues, these practitioners still do not want to pay attention to them due to their attachments or lack of understanding. They will use excuses, such as “strong righteous thoughts” and “I am cultivating pretty well, better than others.”

Making Great Strides

Many practitioners who do not pay attention to safety have little fear. That is a good thing. But this asset conceals drawbacks. If one can let go of the drawbacks and pay attention to safety issues while doing the three things, one will make great strides in cultivation.

Most everyday people do not believe what they cannot see. Those who do not care about safety are in possession of a similar notion. Many safety problems, especially the high tech problems, are not easily seen, but they do exist and they are evil. One should take to heart others' reminders and pay attention to them.