(Minghui.org) At one point in my cultivation I slacked off in Fa study and stopped proactively looking inward. My cultivation state subsequently became relaxed. I was arrested and sentenced to a three-year prison term in 2014.

When I first arrived at the prison, the guards ordered inmates to beat me and curse at me. The captain had a “talk” with me every day to pressure me into writing a “letter of repentance,” promising to give up my belief in Falun Dafa.

My thoughts were not righteous, and I felt only overwhelming fear. It felt like a huge mountain. No matter how I tried to eliminate my fear, it was always there.

One day, several inmates threw me to the floor and beat me. One inmate poured boiling water on my neck and chest. I was in severe pain and immediately sat up. I suddenly thought to myself, “Eliminate the notion that boiling water causes pain.”

As soon as I had this thought, I no longer felt the pain.

Soon, the flesh on my chest turned dark, and several blisters erupted. The skin on the back of my neck was also covered in blisters.

One inmate tortured me by rubbing my neck and tearing away the skin. My shirt collar became soaked with the yellow pus that oozed out, then hardened. I didn't feel any pain.

I began to look inward after the boiling water torture. I realized that if my thoughts and actions were righteous I could stop the inmates from harming themselves by torturing me. So I decided to change my mindset.

I realized that I was unconsciously accepting the notion that “a prison is a place to transform practitioners; anyone who refuses to recant their belief will be tortured.”

I focused on eliminating this notion. As soon as I changed my mindset, my environment also quickly changed. The captain stopped pressuring me to write the “repentance letter,” and the inmates stopped beating and cursing at me.

After I eliminated the notion that “not attending meetings and activities will result in punishment,” I was no longer required to attend the meetings and other activities.

After I eliminated the notion that “refusing to be photographed or refusing to sign on forms will result in punishment,” the captain didn't force me to sign anything or to have my photo taken.

I began to frequently send forth righteous thoughts that anything I experienced must validate the Fa, eliminate evil, save people, and break away from the old forces' arrangements.

One example of this was taking showers. I was imprisoned during the summer. It was hot, and in order to punish me, the captain did not allow me to take showers. After nearly a month of sweating my body odor became stronger and stronger. The inmates were annoyed at my smell and cursed at me.

I sent forth righteous thoughts to break away from the old forces' arrangement, and change this issue into something favorable to validate Dafa and save sentient beings.

Soon after I sent these righteous thoughts, the captain allowed me to shower.

When winter came and the temperature began to drop, the old forces found that I still had human notions, and began persecuting me again.

The captain repeatedly demanded that I write a “repentance letter.” When I refused, he didn't allow me to have a winter coat. I was very cold.

A new inmate asked why I didn't have a winter coat, and said that I should ask the captain for one. The inmate assigned to monitor me reported our conversation to the captain.

I sent forth righteous thoughts so I could use the issue to validate Dafa, and to eliminate any interference. Afterwards the captain allowed me to have a winter coat.

After we let go of our human notions bad things can be changed into good things, and good things can become even better. In our activities to clarify the truth and save people, we should examine our mindsets and make sure that we aren't unconsciously accepting interference and persecution.

These are my understandings based on my experiences. Please kindly point out anything that is not appropriate.