(Minghui.org) Shortly after the last Chinese New Year, I became very busy at work. Whenever I found time to study the Fa, I fell asleep. This worried me, and I told Master in my mind that I needed to join a Fa study group.

When visiting Fang (alias), another practitioner, she was studying the Fa with a different practitioner. She invited me to join them. Then, after awhile, she introduced me to a large Fa-study group, which helped me improve on my cultivation path.

Less than two months after I joined the study group, the Minghui website began to publish articles about filing criminal complaints against the former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin for persecuting Dafa. Being a relatively new practitioner, I had not been persecuted, so I did not think that this effort had anything to do with me. However, after discussing the issue with other practitioners, I joined them in suing Jiang.

This effort helped me understand another level of the Fa: I realized that the Fa would not display itself more fully to me until I began to cultivate solidly.

Eliminating Fear

It did not occur to me to clarify the truth about Dafa to my co-workers. Then, one day, I realized that my understanding was wrong and I should seize every moment to do everything Dafa asked of its practitioners, such as studying Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and talking to people about Dafa.

Fang mentioned that she was limited by transportation to where she could clarify the truth. As I have a car, we decided to go to the countryside on Saturdays and tell people about Dafa.

Because of fear, I only drove the car; meanwhile, the others passed out the materials door-to-door. While in the car, I made phone calls to clarify the facts and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate interference. Gradually, I let go of my fear and also distributed brochures.

Removing Impure Thoughts

Distributing brochures went quite smoothly until I teamed up with Mei [alias]. We decided to split up, with her delivering brochures on one side of the street and me on the other.

Soon, I realized the differences between Mei and me. I just focused on delivering the materials without thinking about the people who needed to know the facts. My mind was set on doing things and completing the task, while her mind was on helping people understand the truth.

After I returned home, I thought that my motivation was based on selfishness. As such, I did things to validate the Fa in order to catch up with the Fa rectification process. I did things passively and was never in a state of selflessness. I realized that I must change my mindset quickly and remove the impure thoughts.

Clarifying the Facts Face-to-Face

When we met several farmers, four of us talked to them about Dafa. One of them refused to accept the facts, and complained that practitioners squeezed materials through the edge of doorways. We discussed this incident and thought that Teacher was hinting that we should clarify the facts face-to-face.

We left early the next morning and began to clarify the facts to whomever we met. We only delivered a small amount of materials door-to-door. We realized that practitioners cherishing materials can affect people to cherish them as well.

Cherishing Cultivation Opportunities

One hot summer day, I walked quite some distance to deliver truth-clarifying materials. When leaving the village, I saw an older man and thought that I should talk to him about Dafa. I felt hot, tired, and hungry, however, and I did not realize that these sensations stopped me from talking to him. Instead of facing the interference with righteous thoughts, my human mind took over. I went to the car to drink water and rest. I did not think that this person might have only one chance to meet me.

After that incident, I encountered a lot of interference from work and family. I did not understand what went wrong until I read Teacher's new article. It told me that we must cherish each cultivation opportunity. I told Teacher in my mind that I was wrong and would change.

I shared my understanding with other practitioners. We looked inward and found attachments such as doing things too quickly and selfishness. We tried to correct ourselves and began to seize every opportunity on our cultivation journeys.

Young Practitioners Have Special Opportunities

I found that young practitioners can bring special opportunities to validate the Fa. When I met several farmers, they hesitated for a moment to take materials from me. They wondered if I also practiced Dafa. I replied, “Yes, it’s such a good cultivation way. Of course, I practice it!”

In my town, practitioners who clarify the facts in person are mostly all elderly. People rarely see a young practitioner, so these villagers are very surprised when they see younger practitioners.

We practitioners should be good in all perspectives, including how we dress. Zhang (alias) and I partnered to deliver brochures. We are the same age and dress similarly. We started to pay attention to giving people a good impression.

When Zhang and I visited villages, many agreed to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. Regardless of whether village people accepted the facts about Dafa or not, we could change their view toward Dafa practitioners by our mere presence. People often mistakenly thought that practitioners were the elderly with little education. Now, they know that there are also young and well-educated practitioners.