(Minghui.org) There is a saying – “It is easier to move a mountain than to change the hearts of men.” However, since I began to practice Falun Dafa, I have changed my once short-tempered personality.

I was young and beautiful and always got my way with my husband. One morning, after I had a fight with him, I went downstairs to go to work. I was still upset, so I went back upstairs to finish our argument. I did not even care if I missed work. My husband once commented, “In other families I hear the husband rules the roost, in our family it is reversed!”

After I began to practice Falun Dafa, I told myself to behave according to the guiding principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Gradually, I stopped quarreling with my husband. Even when he criticized me, I would first think of talking back and then remember to restrain my temper.

I began to practice Falun Dafa when I was 26 years old, and it has now been 20 years. Before the practice, I often had to go to the hospital to receive electrotherapy for breast hyperplasia. I spent a lot of money, but was not cured. I was often awake at night from the pain in my back. When I started to practice Falun Dafa in June 1997, my back pain disappeared. I then went to Shenyang No. 5 Hospital for an exam, and the doctor told me, “The lumps are gone.”

My husband saw the amazing changes in my health and disposition. Our family life is now happy, and he is content. He respects Dafa and Master Li – the founder and Teacher of Falun Dafa.

My husband enjoys calligraphy. When he was considering his next project, he thought about the improvements he had witnessed in me and decided to transcribe Falun Dafa's main book Zhuan Falun. During this process, Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance have also influenced my husband.

My husband went to visit my mother one day in the spring of 2005 on his bicycle. A car hit him, and he went flying into the air and landed hard on the pavement. The accident left a big dent in the car, and the passengers in the car were all startled.

My husband told me later that the first thought he had was: I will not extort money. He got up quickly and felt no pain. He thought it was amazing and knew that Dafa had protected him.

The driver was scared and offered him money. My husband declined, saying that he felt fine. The driver was insistent, and so my husband accepted 100 yuan from him to cover repairing his bicycle. We heard later from one of the bystanders that they all thought my husband was a good person.

My husband was the manager of a shopping mall until it closed down. He then was employed in the mail room of a large company. Patrolling officers from the nearby police station often went to this mail room to take a break. One day he asked the officers what they were going to do that afternoon.

They replied, “We are visiting areas, waiting to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners.”

My husband replied, “Falun Dafa teaches people to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, what is wrong with that?” He then began to tell them how wonderful Dafa was. Both officers said, “Yes we know that is true, we don't want to arrest them. It is our job.”

Since my husband spoke up for Dafa, he received good fortune. At work, he often helped the staff by fixing electrical appliances. Everyone thought of him as kindhearted and honest. One day, a senior official took my husband to visit a large corporation to learn how to maintain service vehicles. He was then hired on the spot!

My husband was already in his 50s, and yet he was given a full-time job with a good income. A university graduate would have had to use his connections to get a job in a company like that.

My husband thought that was miraculous as well. After he started working there, he fixed some imported equipment, and it saved the company a lot of money. His work impressed the leadership team greatly!

In a few years, he will be able to retire with a good pension and will not have to worry about his financial status for the rest of his life. He said that this is his good fortune brought about by Falun Dafa.

My husband exclaimed, “I admire Falun Dafa practitioners the most. Despite the fact that they are severely persecuted, they still uphold their belief.” He also admires the Teacher of Falun Dafa and burns incense in his honor every Chinese new year. He truly has experienced the purity and how extraordinary Dafa is!