(Minghui.org) Ms. Xu Xiaoqin's home was broken into by local officials, who drilled a hole in the entrance door, put their hand through, and opened the door.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Xu was then arrested by officers from the Yongchuan District Domestic Security Division on April 6, 2017. She was released one month later and returned home on July 31.

Ms. Xu Recounts the Ordeal

I was at home for lunch on July 2, 2017, when someone knocked at the door. My first thought was to hide anything related to Falun Gong. I then heard an electric drill.

Officials had broken into my home. They did not present a search warrant, nor were they wearing uniforms. A few dragged me out and took me to the Hechuan Brainwashing Center. I later learned that they were from the Yongchuan Political and Legal Affairs Committee, the 610 Office, and the local community management committee.

There were practitioners from all over Chongqing at the brainwashing center. We were forced to listen to videos that slandered Falun Gong, which were played at a very high volume.

“I know the tricks you use,” I said to our persecutors. “You put unknown drugs into practitioners' food. When you are at your wit's end, you wait until the most steadfast practitioners fall asleep, and then fingerprint them on your documents. It’s so shameful!”

They were speechless. I wanted to use this way to warn them, and it was effective. They did not mistreat me much afterward.

The center also brought in groups of people to spread rumors to brainwash the practitioners. I had to stay very focused and continuously recite Teacher's Fa to remain on constant alert.

Some collaborators spread strange ideas, while some feigned kindness. I remember one collaborator’s name was Su Chang. She claimed she used to be a practitioner, and that she had enlightened to some high-level Fa principles. I was once misled by her, but later saw through her tricks. The whole idea of fake practitioners was to have us give up on our beliefs. I learned just to ignore them.

I was full of confidence and held no fear when I spoke to these people. “You do evil things to persecute those with righteous faith,” I said. “Every one of you has to pay back in the future for what you have done. You wait and see, it won't be long.”

I made notes of everything that transpired in my notebook, including what Zhang Daoguo from the Yongchuan Political and Legal Affairs Committee said when he came to the brainwashing center on July 12 and July 31.

When they noticed what I was writing, they got angry and wanted an explanation. I responded that my writings were to make sure they would be held accountable for their deeds in the future.

The brainwashing center announced on July 31, 2017, that it was to be closed for one month due to hot weather. I was not “transformed” by them, nor did I give them the guarantee statement that they wanted. I stayed firm in my faith.