(Minghui.org) Diamond is probably the hardest substance known. Besides being extremely hard and shiny, diamonds are also very rare and therefore very expensive.

Graphite, like diamond, is a crystalline form of the element carbon, and both have a melting point of more than 3,500 degrees Celsius.

However, diamond and graphite differ in several aspects: graphite is mined in enormous quantities, while diamonds are harder to come by. Diamonds are very hard, while graphite is very soft. Their color and composition also differ greatly.

This reminds me of our cultivation practice.

Cultivation is serious. We need to maintain a pure heart and always remember that we are Dafa disciples. This means that, whatever the circumstances, we should overcome our tests and remain diligent. In China, in the midst of the persecution, what we think and how we behave reflect what kind of practitioners we really are.

If a practitioner can make good use of every opportunity and always act based on the Fa, his or her journey is valuable—like diamond. On the other hand, if a practitioner just passively goes along in cultivation, his or her journey becomes like graphite—a common, material existence.

Everyday people experience difficulties when they fight for fame, material interests, or sentimentality. Only Dafa practitioners who are determined to cultivate and remain undisturbed when tests come along can prove their worth.