(Minghui.org) Two Falun Gong practitioners from Dandong City were arrested on May 12, 2017 for putting up Falun Gong banners near the Dandong Shopping Mall. The police submitted their case to the procuratorate on May 26. The practitioners’ family members learned that the case was rejected one month later.

Ms. Zhao Xuejing was shopping for a birthday cake on May 12, 2017 when she noticed that someone was following her. That night, Ms. Zhao and Ms. Sun Lihao went out to put up Falun Gong banners exposing the persecution of the spiritual discipline by the Chinese Communist Party. They were arrested by officers from the Dandong city police department.

The police told Ms. Zhao that they had been monitored for one year. Officers searched their persons for their house keys and took them to their respective homes to conduct searches. Police confiscated a printer and dozens of Falun Gong books and materials from Ms. Zhao's home. They also took a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Gong, and other Falun Gong materials from Ms. Sun's house.

The practitioners were then taken to the police station, where one officer threatened to remove and donate their organs.

Both women were transferred to the detention center the next afternoon.

Ms. Sun's family later learned that they would be put in administrative detention for seven days. However, they were not released. The head of the detention center told the family that the police department decided to change the administrative detention to criminal detention.

The family learned that the two practitioners' case had been submitted to the procuratorate on May 26, 2017. When they went to inquire about the case status at the procuratorate on June 27, they learned that the cases had been returned to the police department. However, the two practitioners remained detained.

Ms. Zhao and Ms. Sun had previously been sentenced to seven years and three years of imprisonment, respectively, for refusing to renounce Falun Gong.

Responsible parties:

Jiang Weiyu, chief procurator: +86-13904152223Miao, chief, public prosecution department: +86-4156276513

(Contact information for other responsible parties is available in the original Chinese article.)