(Minghui.org) It was very snowy last winter in northern China. The road was slippery and covered with frozen-over snow.

One day at approximately 10:00 a.m., I slipped and fell on my way back home from shopping at a supermarket. Things happened in a blur, and I was not aware of what had happened, but I could feel excruciating pain and could hardly breathe.

Five minutes later, I came back to my senses and tried to feel where the pain was. It was on my left arm. I saw that my left forearm was bent and loose. I prayed to Master for help while holding the bent part of the arm. I pulled it hard and clicked it back into place. It became straight and back to normal! I knew Master took care of it for me.

I sat up. Several passersby came to support me. I expressed my thanks and told them I was able to stand up by myself. I asked them to make a phone call to my family.

My husband is not a Falun Gong practitioner. When he heard the news, he urged me to see a doctor. I showed him my left arm, which was back to normal, but he insisted on taking me to the hospital. I understood his concern and agreed to follow him to the nearest hospital.

The x-ray film showed that both my radius and ulna in my left forearm were fractured. A doctor said my radius protruded at the joint and had to be set. I disagreed and told them that my bones would heal themselves. Hearing this, the doctor refused to provide any other treatment and did not make a splint for me.

We brought the x-ray film to a better hospital. A doctor examined the film and also identified the bone angle. He said they would set it for me. Before I had a chance to explain anything, the doctor had his assistant hold my left arm while he himself held me left hand, trying to fix the bone. However, I felt nauseous even when they touched my bone a little.

Finally the doctor gave up and made a splint for me. He asked me to rest for one day and come back to see him later.

After the day of rest, I went to see the doctor again. He asked me to take an x-ray. The x-ray technician was surprised at my bones.

“Don't move!” she said, so she could take a better look. “This arm has crushed bones.”

The doctor examined my film for a while, then asked me, “Has anyone set your bones after you fell down?”

I told him no one did and that I fixed it myself.

He was surprised. He showed me both x-ray films and pointed at the several crushed bones, which were now connected seamlessly.

He said my ulna had been fractured into at least seven or eight segments and my radius had crushed bones, too. But they were all connected well.

He only adjusted the splint and did nothing else. Finally, he reminded me to take care and use a cotton cover to keep my arm warm so that the blood could circulate.

I didn't use the cotton cover because my left hand and arm were warm all the time. Moreover, they looked tender and rosy.

Approximately ten days later, my left arm started stretching automatically. During the first several days, it stretched gently. In later days, it stretched with great force. I couldn't control it. It lasted for about one month.

On the twentieth day, I noticed that my left arm could move without a bandage. I started practicing the Falun Gong exercises.

Three months later, I went to make another x-ray. The film displayed healthy bones and joints, without any fracture. I went to see that doctor again. He examined the new x-ray film and told me I had recovered completely.

He was very surprised at my bones.

“They recovered themselves! Look, all the crushed bones disappeared,” he said. “You can no longer see them at all. The fractured bones returned to their correct positions. The bones look nice and neat. It's a perfect recovery.”

I was so grateful to Master: when I held my left forearm in the accident, Master had already set my fractured bones for me.

During the recovery, with only one splint, I didn't take a single pill, nor did I receive any medical treatment. My husband witnessed my recovery and the miraculous power of Falun Dafa.

He said, “You have a Master who protects you. If such an accident happened to an ordinary person, even high medical expenses might not get them anywhere.”

Thank you, great and compassionate Master!