(Minghui.org) When I was waiting to board my plane, a lady in a monk robe sat beside me. She held a Buddhist scripture in her left hand, and a smart phone in her right hand. She kept looking at the phone instead of reading the scripture. I noticed that because I was also addicted to my smart phone, wasting time with surfing the net. This is unacceptable for a Falun Dafa practitioner.

Harmfulness of Smart Phone

Nowadays, a smart phone brings great convenience to our daily lives, but it also brings a lot of harm. The physical and mental abilities of a person who is addicted to drugs are greatly weakened. Addiction to a smart phone is similar to being addicted to drugs. If a person uses a smart phone daily for a long time, his immunity is affected, and he will experience eye fatigue and other health problems. Additionally, smart phones make it easier for people to fall for scams.

As we practice cultivation in normal society, most practitioners have a family, kids and a normal job. We only have limited time for doing the three things. Every minute that we spend on the phone is a minute less that we use for cultivation. We may be wasting a lot of time without even noticing it.

Interference on the Cultivation Path

Playing on the smart phone is not only an attachment, but it also interferes with our cultivation. A practitioner's will and energy is drained by using the smart phone.

What do we get from the phones? News, advertisements, social media, and so on, which is normal for everyday people. As practitioners, the more we lose ourselves in everyday society, the more our attachments are enforced and our material desires grow.

A practitioner who is addicted to the smart phone will definitely slack off in cultivation. Although a smart phone is not a demon, it can do more harm than one. It's easy to see that if a practitioner is addicted to the smart phone, he or she can be easily destroyed without being persecuted by the old forces or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Proper Use of Smart Phones

Using the smart phone is a perfect example of the old saying, “sapping one's spirit by seeking pleasure.” More and more people have recognized that it is problematic to use the smart phone so much, but are unable to let go. As practitioners, we should eliminate all attachments.

As practitioners, we absolutely should not waste time on our phones. We know well that when we study the Fa, we must be sincere and our minds need to be pure. Many practitioners mentioned that shutting down the computer and smart phone helps them study the Fa better.

The smart phone can seriously interfere with our cultivation. We should quit it, or at least use it properly, which is to facilitate communication with family and friends and in carrying out our responsibilities as Dafa practitioners.