(Minghui.org) I am a 67-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner who started cultivating in February 1997. Before I began Falun Dafa cultivation practice, I suffered with rheumatism, chronic lower back pain, leg pain, and a variety of other diseases. These illnesses vanished within two weeks after I began cultivating.

I set up a Fa study group at my home and welcomed an increasing number of practitioners. However, as the persecution of Dafa and my family progressed, I became less diligent in cultivation practice. I then had an experience that put me firmly back on the cultivation path.

My wife suggested we read Lunyu one night this past April. While reading the second paragraph, I felt an uncomfortable tightness in my chest. I told my wife about the discomfort and decided to go to bed.

During the night, the feeling worsened until I was gasping for air. The noise from my distress woke my wife. At that instant, I felt as if an object was being placed on my chest, which caused my main consciousness to be released and my flesh body to die.

While floating above, I saw my flesh body lying on the bed. Two people then appeared and took me to a magnificent palace that was surrounded by numerous flying Falun.

At the main gate, I saw my younger brother looking at me. Then he spun around and left. Within the palace yard, I saw my youngest brother in the South Hall hard at work binding books. He too ignored me. On Earth, both of my brothers are Dafa practitioners.

By the time the two messengers guided me into the North Hall, I came to the realization that I had not done well in cultivation. I entered the North Hall and immediately knelt down, bowing my head in shame.

At this point, I looked down into the human world and saw a huddle of frantic family members surrounding my body. My daughter had called an ambulance and obtained a stretcher, and all five members of my family were trying to lift me onto the stretcher. However in this other dimension, I saw that the stretcher was actually a smelly garbage pit, full of foul substances like blood, pus, urine and feces. Incredibly, I observed a number of people happily playing within the pit.

Conscious of the filth, I refused to be moved, and my family struggled to wrestle my body onto the stretcher. A heavenly messenger gave me permission to write to my family. I managed to gesture for a pen and paper, and wrote the following for my family, “Master, I was wrong,” “I refuse to leave this Earth,” and “I have many tasks to complete.”

After a while, the heavenly messenger asked me to stand and walk to the front of a table. There was a mirror on the table and a pile of loose papers. The stack of papers suddenly began to flip in quick succession, while the mirror displayed the contents of each page in pictures and words. I realized that I was seeing my own history—the heavenly record of my life on Earth!

My record was divided into three sections. In the first part, I saw myself signing a pact with Master Li, declaring my intent to descend to the human world, become a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, and save the sentient beings who were assigned to me.

The second part displayed my cultivation status prior to the persecution of Falun Dafa that began in 1999. I had honored my pledge through diligent Fa study and spreading the Fa to sentient beings. My gong column as well as my body in another dimension were very tall and thick.

The final part displayed my status after the persecution began. Before 2002, I was still able to remain diligent, as before. However, after 2003, my gong column began to shrink, and in 2016 it became extremely tiny and thin.

The pile of papers recorded all the good and bad things I had done since I signed the pact with Master. The heavenly messenger then told me my record was not finished.

I was extremely regretful after seeing the heavenly record, as it showed that I had neglected my cultivation, and disappointed Master, fellow practitioners, and sentient beings. I hastened to kneel down and sincerely ask Master to grant me another chance to make up for my past failure.

I flew back to the human world after making the request, and saw my entire family seated around me, sending righteous thoughts. I entered my flesh body and immediately sat up. Everyone was delighted that I had come back to life.

Upon hearing about my experience, they urged me to cultivate diligently.