(Minghui.org) As part of a series of coordinated raids of practitioners' homes, police and 610 Office agents arrested ten Falun Gong practitioners in the Huadian District in Jilin City on June 28 and 29. They are: Bu Yuxin, Tian Mingxia, Song Jiaofa, Jia Shimin, Gao Defen, Liu Kuifang, Li Guiqin, Li Lizhi, Liu Minghua, and Yu Cuifan. The last three were released, but the rest are being held in a brainwashing center.

Arrest Details

On June 28 at 8 p.m. as Ms. Bu Yuxin was heading to work on the night shift, she noticed several cars that had been parked around her apartment following her. She did not pay too much attention to them and kept on walking. Near a hotel, two people jumped out of one of the cars and seized her.

One of them—police officer Zhang Xuming—warned her: “We’re acting on orders from above. You’d better cooperate if you want to avoid any roughness.” They took her keys to break into her home, but the keys were for her office. She did not have her house keys with her.

Her husband refused to open the door.

They took her to the detention center. She has a mentally ill daughter, who is dependent on her. Her daughter is up day and night looking for her mother.

On June 29, three police officers showed up at the home of Ms. Tian Mingxia and her husband Mr. Song Jiaofa. The police told them they had to come with them to check on something at the local police station. The couple got into the car, but the police took them instead to a detention center. When Ms. Tian's father went to the police station looking for his daughter, he was told she was being held because she had sued the former Chinese leader, Jiang Zemin.

Ms. Jia Shimin is a kindergarten teacher. The police called her on June 28 and asked her to confirm certain information. She was arrested on her way home after work.

On June 28, the police went to Ms. Liu Kuifang's village to find her, but she was not at home. The next day she saw the officers and asked why they were looking for her the day before. After they found her name on the list, they took her to the detention center.

For a list of the perpetrators, please see the link to the Chinese article.