(Minghui.org) I know that time is very limited for us to save people, so I make phone calls to China almost every day to tell people about Falun Gong and the persecution of this traditional spiritual discipline. Some days, several people agree to quit the Chinese Communist organizations.

So far I have helped about 11,000 people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). However, I think that is not enough because so many more people have not been saved.

Hardship and Joy

I like to make phone calls to China because it can be done at any time. I hope that more practitioners will clarify the truth face to face and also make phone calls to China so that we can fulfill our prehistoric vows.

I have experienced both hardship and joy in this process. When I slack off in cultivating myself, in Fa-study, and sending forth righteous thoughts, it is hard to save people, and when I dial a number, the person either hangs up or swears at me. After clarifying the truth I ask if they ever joined any CCP organizations and they say yes. But when I asked if they are ready to separate themselves from the regime, they are not willing. When this happens I feel very bad.

Afterwards, when I look within I realize that if I don't study the Fa well my xinxing is just like an everyday person's and my words do not have the power to save people.

On the other hand, when I study the Fa, carefully watch how I behave, and have a compassionate mindset, the effect is very good. As soon as I explain how the CCP has been mistreating people, including defaming Falun Gong, people immediately agree to quit the regime. Sometimes we talk like friends and they are so happy. I feel as if they were waiting for me to call them.

One day, a person said that after he heard about the persecution he dreamed that he received six bracelets. He asked me what it meant and I told him they could represent fortune or prosperity if he would choose to separate himself from the vicious CCP. He agreed and thanked me.

Cultivating Myself

My husband and I used to go to another practitioner's place for group Fa study every week. One day that practitioner came to visit us and complained a lot about us. After he left, my husband and I talked and we realized that he was telling us not to study the Fa at his place any more. I was very upset: group Fa study is something Master asked us to do. I thought, “Why would you have this kind of attitude and stop us from coming? I only go to your place once a week.”

I could not calm down and I had a hard time focusing when I studied the Fa or did the exercises. When I made phone calls to China, the recipient of my calls either hung up or swore at me. This made me look within and realize that this was a tribulation for me to overcome and to make breakthroughs in my cultivation.

Here I would like to sincerely apologize to other practitioners for my shortcomings and I promise to do better from now on.