(Minghui.org) I have recently noticed my strong attachment to showing off. Every time I do something to validate the Fa, I want to tell others what I have done. I justified my bragging by thinking that it would encourage other practitioners. I hadn't realized that this was a strong attachment to showing off.

I went out alone the other night to hang up banners exposing the persecution of Falun Gong. I then wanted to tell other Falun Gong practitioners what I had done, but I didn't manage to see any practitioners over the next few days.

I needed to tell someone, so I told my husband, who is not a practitioner. I was certain that he would compliment my efforts as he had often done in the past.

This time he looked me square in the eyes, and with a stern face said, “Why? Why did you go out on your own like that? You said you were tired. You didn't even want to go for an after dinner walk with me like so many couples do.”

I defended myself with, “What I did was righteous.”

My husband was always very supportive of me doing the three things, so why had his attitude changed?

I had been reading the lecture “The Mentality of Showing off” in Zhuan Falun, where Master said:

“Because of practicing cultivation among everyday people, a lot of our practitioners cannot release many of their attachments. Many attachments have already become second nature, and these people themselves cannot detect them.”

Master was using my husband’s mouth to show me my mentality of showing off.

I needed to eliminate this attachment, and I began to realize how often I wanted to show off.

My daughter recently bought me some clothes and I wanted to tell other practitioners all about them at group Fa study. I even compared my granddaughter with other girls her age, to show off how pretty and smart she is.

I would show off about everything, and had no idea that I had such a huge attachment. How could I validate the Fa and save people with such a strong mentality of showing off?

Master said,

“Showing off itself is a very strong attachment and a very bad attachment that a practitioner must relinquish.” (Zhuan Falun)

I am determined to eliminate this attachment quickly.