(Minghui.org) The Falun Gong group won the “Best Special Entry” award for their float and performances in the 65th Memorial Day parade held in St. Clair Shores City, Michigan on May 28, 2017.

The group was presented with the trophy by mayor Mr. Kip Walby at the city council meeting on June 19.

Mr. Kip Walby, mayor of St. Clair Shores, presented the “Best Special Entry” trpphy to Ms. Jeanmarie Lunsford, a representative of the Falun Gong group in Michigan.

“We are very happy to have had Falun Gong in our parade,” said Mayor Mr. Kip Walby, “(Their) float, flags, and drum performance were outstanding.”

Chairwoman of the 65th Memorial Day Parade, Ms. Cheryl Furdos.

According to Ms. Cheryl Furdos, the chairwoman of the parade, the event was the largest memorial day parade in the Midwest, which usually attracts over 80,000 spectators.

“Falun Dafa's entry was spectacular. It was very colorful and unique,” said Ms. Furdos.

City Council-member Mr. John Caron

City council-member Mr. John Caron said that the Falun Dafa group added color and energy to the parade, which had a total of 106 groups that participated. “We are very happy to have [the Falun Dafa group] here. It was my first time experiencing a unique culture like that,” he said.