(Minghui.org) The police from Tonghua City in Jilin Province have been harassing Falun Gong practitioners since May 2017. Over 40 practitioners have been harassed.

Officers from the local police stations went to these practitioners' homes and asked them questions about whether they still practiced Falun Gong or knew how to use certain types of computer software. They also attempted to take photos of the practitioners and demanded their phone numbers.

Officer Li Yanzhong from the Longquan Police Station went to practitioner Ms. Liu Xiaona's home on May 17. He said he needed to take a picture of her. Ms. Liu's mother blocked him at the door and reminded him that the law requires even the police to abide by it. The police officer left.

Officer Song Desheng and a young officer from the Laozhan Police Station went to practitioner Ms. Wei Baoxia's home on May 18. They first asked her for her phone number and then they jotted down the license plate number of her car. When Ms. Wei reminded the officers about all the mistreatment she underwent while detained before, they replied, “We already know all that.”

Officers from the Huantong Police Station went to practitioner Ms. Zhang Yifan's home on June 7. They arrested her and took her to the detention center. Ms. Zhang, who is elderly, was rejected by the detention center due to health considerations. The police ordered her to put on the uniform of the detention center and took a picture of her before sending her home. They also wrote down her phone number and the numbers of her children.

An incomplete list of other practitioners who were harassed: Ms. Yu Guilan, Ms. Liu Baozhen, Ms. Song Shuping, Mr. Liu Guozhang, Ms. Feng Baorong, Ms. Liu Yuhua, Ms. Liu Fengrong, Ms. Li Xuezhen, Ms. Li Yuxiang, Ms. Zhang Shuzhen, Mr. Zeng Xianchun, Mr. Ho Qinghua, Ms. Liu Shumei, Ms. Sun Shuzhen, and Ms. Yang Guizhen.