(Minghui.org) My celestial eye was opened when I was about five years old. In 1974, two events foretold that I would live in Thailand in the 1980s and that Buddha would appear around me in 1998 or 1999.

While visiting my mother's home in China on April 13, 1999, I watched a DVD of Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, teaching the exercises. In total surprise I said, “This is my Master! This is the Master I have been waiting for!” My son watched it with me and also wanted to practice Falun Dafa.

After I returned home, I played the DVD exercise demonstration for my husband. I then saw Falun spinning on the right side of his face, which had drooped due to a minor stroke. I felt Falun spinning in my lower abdomen as well.

My son shouted, “Mom, your Falun is bigger than me.”

My husband said, “Why don't you hurry up and do the exercises? This is what we have been waiting for!”

We only stayed in China for four days, despite our plan to visit for three weeks. It seemed the trip was solely for the three of us to obtain the Fa.

There are over eight million Chinese living in Thailand. With the progress of Fa-rectification, I believe that handing out truth-clarification materials and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, andintroducing Falun Dafa to them is my obligation.

Talking to Local Chinese Communities

There are quite a few Chinese communities in Thailand. I have visited almost every one of them. I tell them about Dafa and the persecution, and hand out related materials and DVDs.

I also contact various associations and organizations. The first association I approached was the Li Association in 2002. Most of the members sympathized with Falun Dafa after I talked to them about the persecution. I continue to contact various associations and hand out materials when they have events.

Over 1,000 people from all over the world came to the gathering of the Song Association in June 2006 to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Another practitioner and I went there to talk to people about Dafa. The DVDs of the Falun Dafa exercise demonstrations were very well received by people, including police officers. Many people came away from the event wanting to learn more about Falun Dafa.

Besides covering the local Chinese communities, I have taken other practitioners with me to hand out materials and talk to the local Chinese people working at Chinese newspapers, schools, Chinatown, and more.

Followed and Threatened

When we were handing out informational materials at gatherings of the Chinese communities, I was followed a few times by a Chinese man and woman.

One time, the two people grabbed materials from a Chinese practitioner's hands. They swore at us, and demanded to know how much we got paid for introducing Dafa.

I was not afraid, and said, “Falun Dafa advocates Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. No one hired us, we are volunteers!” They then ran off.

Among Thailand's Chinese, many of them are originally from Chaozhou City in Guangdong Province.

The Chaozhou Association has become the largest Chinese association in Thailand, so I often go there to hand out materials. One year, I heard about an upcoming election in the area through a Chinese newspaper.

After I had finished handing out materials, I sat outside to check if I had missed anyone. A gentleman dressed in a Chinese outfit came out of the main meeting hall. I did not recognized him, so I went towards him to hand out some materials including Dajiyuan (The Chinese language Epoch Times newspaper) and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

He quickly took it and put it in his car. Then he came back over and grabbed me by the neck. Before I was able to react, he punched me in the chest a few times. He shouted as he attacked me. “How dare you badmouth the CCP [the Chinese Communist Party]! How dare you attack the CCP! Let me show you what the CCP is like!”

I was in so much pain that I almost lost consciousness. I shouted out for Master's help.

I then pointed at the man, and shouted twice, “I will use my righteousness to suppress your wicked behavior!”

I added one thought: no matter how hard he hits me, he will have to pay back double! Immediately, he backed off and almost fell to the ground. I knew it was Master helping me.

I asked him, “Why did you hit me like that? What is the difference from your behavior and the violence of the CCP! Are you a CCP member?”

It took him quite some effort to collect himself. Then he rushed toward me again, punching my chest and swearing at me. However, no matter how hard he hit me, I never felt any pain.

He punched me over 20 times.

When he realized that I was not affected, he changed his attitude and tried to be nice to me. He handed me his business card and said that I should visit his residence.

Talking to Chinese Tourists

There are many Chinese tourists at sightseeing areas in Thailand every day. These overseas visits have provided a great opportunity for them to learn about Dafa.

At one tourist spot, a tour guide asked me what he could do after he learned about Falun Dafa. I asked him to play the DVD to the tourists on his bus. He gladly took the DVD and the other informational materials. Soon, a few tourists stepped down from the bus and asked for more DVDs and materials. From their facial expressions I could see that they were happy to learn about Dafa.

At another sightseeing place, a tourist gave me a thumbs up in support. However, sometimes there are people who shout at me and question how much I get paid. This seems to be the narrative that the CCP tells Chinese people – that Falun Gong practitioners get paid by the US government to promote Falun Gong.

I often went to the Thailand Immigration Bureau before they relocated, to hand out materials about Dafa. Some of immigration officers purchased the Thai version of Zhuan Falun, The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection, and Master's exercise demonstration DVDs.

One officer said, “I have been waiting for you for a while. Please give me a copy of Zhuan Falun. I want to become a practitioner as well.”

In March 2012, three udumbara flowers appeared at my home. A year later, five more flowers had sprung up. I know that everything is done by Master. I truly appreciate Master for taking care of me and encouraging me.

Only by cultivating diligently can I repay Master's saving grace.