(Minghui.org) I have been living in the United States now for more than three years. I spend a lot of time at a university campus to raise awareness about Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) and the ongoing persecution in China. I talk to Chinese students about the Nine Commentaries on the Community Party and encourage them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. I also hand out Dafa flyers to Western students. The following are some of my experiences at the university.

I was waiting for my daughter to pick me up when a Chinese lady stopped to ask me for assistance. She explained that she could not remember where she had parked her car and had been walking through the campus looking for it. She was a little distraught, so I told her to sit down for a few minutes to collect herself and then I would help her find her car.

She sat down and we chatted. She is a Chinese scholar and was preparing to apply for the Ph.D. program in this university. She asked me how long I had been in the United States. I told her it was three years and she commented that she thought the universities in the United States were good.

I replied, “I agree. In China I taught elementary school. I practiced Falun Dafa for 19 years but was persecuted by [former dictator] Jiang Zemin's regime.”

I brought up the suspicious elements about the Tiananmen Square self-immolation [staged by the CCP to frame Falun Dafa], including police officers carrying fire-extinguishing equipment that day, and carefully staged photographic shots of the self-immolators. We talked for a while and she seemed to agree with everything I told her. I gave her a copy of the Nine Commentaries, and she took it without hesitation. I also brought up the subject of quitting the CCP and asked her to think about it seriously.

My daughter arrived and we drove my new friend around campus until we found her car. She was grateful and offered to pay us. I kindly declined and wished her luck in her studies. This was one of many examples of people who seem to come to me for the truth.

Another day, I chatted with two Chinese students on campus. I told them that the Falun Dafa association on campus had received an honor from the university, but in China, Falun Dafa was persecuted.

The male student told me that he came from Jilin Province and one of his teachers was a Falun Dafa practitioner. He saw that there were many people who practiced Falun Dafa before 1999, and he did not know why Falun Dafa was persecuted. It made him worried about engaging in politics.

I explained the reasons why the Jiang regime persecuted Falun Dafa. As he listened, he realized that he had been brainwashed by the CCP. He decided to use his nickname to quit the CCP affiliate, the Young Pioneers, and his girlfriend also quit the CCP and its associated organizations.

I also mentioned to a Ph.D. student in Finance that many overseas professors, experts and scholars were Dafa practitioners. Dafa associations have received honors and recognition in many countries except China. He listened carefully and agreed to quit the CCP and its associated organizations. He was happy to accept the DVD about Falun Dafa that I offered him.

Along with the Fa-validation process moving forward, many people are looking for the truth about Falun Dafa. Some people, who know the truth, are helping to spread the Fa. Of course, there are some people who, because of the influence of the CCP, are afraid and refuse. I always remain calm when I encounter people with hostility toward Dafa, as I believe in Master and believe in Dafa.

I recite the Fa to myself and strengthen my righteous thoughts. In the course of my cultivation in Falun Dafa I have let go of many attachments such as sentimentality, jealousy, lust, and competition. I am grateful for Master’s great compassion and salvation. I remind myself to not speak at too a high level, and to cherish all living beings – as well as myself.

Please point out if there is something inappropriate in my understanding.