(Minghui.org) My youngest sister and my daughter-in-law were popular beauticians in town and only a few years apart in age.

In 2003, my sister lost money gambling and was forced to sell her beauty shop to my daughter-in-law, who paid for the shop outright after an agreement was signed by both parties. However, the title on the license for the business was not changed because they are family.

To help my sister recover from her financial woes, my husband suggested that our daughter-in-law keep my sister on at the shop as an adviser and pay her a good salary. The business got right back on track.

Battle over Profits

In the spring of 2008, my sister suddenly demanded that my daughter-in-law return the shop to her because she still owned the business license. My husband had passed away by then. My daughter-in-law asked me to help settle the claim.

By this time, I had been practicing Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa) for more than ten years. I knew that Dafa practitioners should measure things according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

I advised my sister to resolve the issue in an upright way, but she denied that there was any signed agreement and insisted that my daughter-in-law leave immediately.

Even though my daughter-in-law showed her the signed agreement, my sister ignored it. She then called in a group of thugs to loot the shop and ruin the business.

As a Dafa practitioner, I understand that any karma in this life is predestined from our previous lives. Despite the fact that we relied on the proceeds from the beauty shop, I advised my daughter-in-law to give it up. But she thought it was very unfair.

The Compassionate Power of Dafa

I dealt with this issue with a “take it as it comes” attitude. My son was also put in an awkward position between a wife and an aunt. He did nothing until his mother-in-law called him about it. Then he got angry and tried to get his friends over to fight.

I stopped him, saying that it might turn into a disaster. To calm him down, I asked him if he still remembered what Master, the founder of Falun Gong, said in Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong.

My son replied that Master taught us in Lecture 1, “In ordinary human society, people compete with, deceive, and harm each other for a little personal gain.”

I then reminded him that Master also said in Lecture 7 of Zhuan Falun:

“If something is yours, you will not lose it. If something is not yours, you will not have it even if you fight for it.”

“But as a practitioner, you are in principle protected by Teacher’s fashen. Others cannot take away what is yours, even if they want to. We therefore believe in following the course of nature. Sometimes, you think that something should be yours, and others also tell you that it is yours. Actually, it is not. You may believe that it is yours, but in the end it is not yours.”

I said, “Bring your wife home. Help her give up the beauty shop. We can discuss other means of making a living.”

My son and I went to comfort his wife at the shop the following day. On the bus home, I told both of them, “I am a practitioner. Master said, 'One person practices and the whole family benefits.'

“As long as you sincerely recite 'Falun Dafa is good' and 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,' Master will help you overcome this hardship.”

A Happy Ending

Before we even got home, my daughter-in-law received numerous phone calls from employees and patrons encouraging her not to give up the business. I told her, “Please take my advice and believe in Dafa. You will be fine. You see, Master is helping you already.”

My daughter-in-law opened another beauty shop in a different city. Her business has been so prosperous that she can even provide me with funds for Dafa projects to save people.

My sister has not made any further trouble since then. She also opened her own beauty shop. Persuaded by me, she does not hold a grudge or try to antagonize my daughter-in-law. In fact, they are on good terms again and even swap business experiences with each other.

Witnessing the compassionate power of Dafa, my sister has taken the initiative to ask me for Dafa amulets. She has also quit the Chinese Communist Party.

Seeing how Dafa has blessed my whole family, my daughter-in-law even advised her mother to practice Falun Gong.

The best thing is that, under the influence of Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, a seemingly inevitable battle over profit and self-interest between relatives was avoided.