(Minghui.org) I recently saw a video describing how a demon king distracted people, making them so busy all the time that they forgot their purpose in life. In the end, they did not pay attention to moral values and their futures were ruined.

Although it was a video for everyday people, I felt it was a warning for Dafa practitioners. Similar to what I saw in the video, some practitioners are attached to material possessions, so they pursue a better life, and sometimes these practitioners are distracted by high end consumer products. Sometimes they are passionate about social media, shopping, or even games. Because of this, they slack off in their cultivation and hardly have time to tell people the facts about Falun Dafa. Many of these situations are the old forces' interference.

Impetuosity and Zealotry

There are also other manifestations. When some practitioners prepare materials, they do not use the ones Minghui provides, because they think they are not powerful enough. As a result, these practitioners are extremely busy.

In fact, practitioners who work with Minghui have had extensive experience through the years, and their materials are now very professional. They may be different from what people with a mindset shaped by Party culture create, but they relay the message in a rational and consistent way.

Helping people understand the truth after having been instilled with so much hate propaganda is a systematic, gradual process. Some practitioners do things out of zealotry and tend to use extreme approaches, seeking quick results. When this doesn’t work, they don’t know what to do, so, without a clue, they just do it all again the same way.

This wastes lots of time, energy, and resources. Furthermore, other practitioners have to take the time to distribute the materials. If those materials are ineffective at saving people, the funds gathered by practitioners to the print the materials is wasted and we have let Master down.

Another issue is social media. For a while, I was distracted by WeChat and was often curious to see if there were new posts. This addiction caused me to make short-term, irrational decisions.

Helping Practitioners

When some practitioners have discomfort or illness karma, they may ask other practitioners for help or to discuss the issue with them. I am not saying practitioners should not help each other. But sometimes it is not serious and the practitioner knows the discomfort is related to his or her own attachments. Nonetheless, other practitioners have to stop what they are doing to help. Bottom line? Our time is very precious.

Some practitioners have other situations. Some have to take care of children all day, while some go with non-practitioners to have dinner, watch television, chat, or play cards. These practitioners often think they are doing these things to conform to everyday society. I am not saying these things cannot be done, I'm just hoping practitioners handle things with strong righteous thoughts.

Make the Best Use of Opportunities

In “Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference,” Master said,

“As I just indicated, I don’t accept the persecution, for I have my own designs. However, since the persecution has taken place, I have been beating them at their own game by saving sentient beings and helping our Dafa disciples to achieve consummation during this period of time.”

In my understanding, the old forces have made many arrangements that only Master can change, not us. Nonetheless, when these things happen, we practitioners should steer the situation in a better direction. For example, when Chinese Communist Party supporters interfere with Shen Yun performances in certain cities, we can take advantage of that interference to hold press conferences or contact public offices to let people know how the Party defames Shen Yun.

That is, we should not be intimidated by the old forces' arrangements—or ignore them. Instead, we should use them to maximize the efficiency of our efforts to save people.