(Minghui.org) During my years of cultivation, I came to realize that I had many notions and attachments that stopped me from returning to my true self. Through constant Fa study and improving myself, I strived to become a selfless person. Below I would like to share a few examples of discovering and getting rid of attachments.

Eliminating Human Notions

One day while reading the Fa, my husband complained that it was hot. He went out for a walk. My daughter and I endured the heat and continued reading. I realized that if we let go of human notions, we will not be bound or restricted by human principles. Having understood this, in subsequent years, no matter how hot it got, I never turned on the fan. The heat doesn't bother me at all.I once treated other practitioners to icy popsicles. One of the practitioners said it was not good for her health to take icy treats. I told her that this was an attachment and encouraged her to eliminate it. She ate the icy popsicle and did not feel any discomfort at all.On another occasion, we did not have time for lunch while dropping off equipment at a practitioner's place. One practitioner said he was weak from hunger. So I shared with him my past experiences: I was out the whole day clarifying the truth with no time to eat or drink; however, I did not feel uncomfortable at all because I had no preconceived notions. Of course under normal circumstances we should still function normally, eating and drinking at regular times.

Having Faith in Master

In 2005, I started a Falun Dafa materials production site in a rural village with another practitioner. This practitioner often carried a large bag of materials and walked the mountains at night to distribute the materials in remote villages. I was astonished at her bravery. I asked her if she was afraid? She said, “What is there to be scared of? I have Master protecting me.” I instantly saw the fear in me. I could not let go of life and death. I did not have faith in Master. I gradually got rid of my fear and went to places I would never have gone to in the past.

I was arrested in 2012. The police threatened to sentence us to prison. I had faith in Master that I would not be thrown in jail. At the medical examination, I was found to have high blood pressure and was subsequently released. Through this incident, I understood what Master meant by denying the old forces' arrangement. If we refused to follow the logic and arrangement of the old forces, Master would help us.

Over the years we tried to open as many material production sites as possible. In the process I learned that our notions and attachments stop us from doing well. Some practitioners are afraid to leave flyers in their homes. Some think it is dangerous to hand out information and tell people the facts about Falun Gong. They choose to stay at home and not participate in saving people. There are others who shy away from producing materials for fear of arrest. So they rely on other practitioners to print the materials.

Some practitioners got caught up with earning money and living their everyday lives. They forgot about their responsibility as a Dafa disciple and had no time to clarify the truth. My experience is, if we put our cultivation above all things, everything will work out perfectly.

Therefore let's not be deceived by worldly illusions and our preconceived notions. Let's do what Master told us to do: let go of our attachments and save more sentient beings.