(Minghui.org) Looking back at my 20-year path of cultivation, I realized that as long as I aligned myself with the principles of Dafa and treated myself as a practitioner, the wonders of Dafa manifested all around me.

Path to Cultivation

I was a sickly child and had a severe blood disease. As an adult, I had a skin disease and hemorrhoids for over 10 years. My husband only cared about his work and never expressed concern for my health. He didn't come home on holidays and ignored our child's education. Gradually, grudges against him accumulated in my heart, and my health began to decline.

In 1995, my husband was unjustly accused of wrongdoing and lost his job. He only received 300 yuan per month, which caused a crisis in our family of seven people covering four generations.

I couldn't accept what happened and vowed to sue the corrupt officials who framed my husband.

During this period, my husband and I started to practice Falun Dafa. After I watched the video of Master's first lecture in Guangzhou, I didn't need reading glasses and all my illnesses disappeared—including an incurable one. My husband's liver disease was also gone. For both of us, resentments subsided, and we no longer wanted to sue others.

Protected from Harm

The persecution of Falun Gong officially began on July 20, 1999.

At 2 p.m. on July 21, 1999, a group of officers came to my home and took me to the police station. I was calm and brought two documents with me: one was a national survey on Falun Gong, and one was related to legal aspects concerning freedom of belief. I gave the two documents to the police.

One officer asked me to sign a subpoena. I asked, “What crime have I committed?” I was released around 10 p.m.

The next day at 8 a.m., I was again asked to go to the police station. One officer asked me how I practiced Falun Gong. I told him that I did the exercises and read the teachings every day. They then set six restrictions on me and let me go by 10 a.m.

In the afternoon, I went to a provincial government building to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong without being arrested.

On July 23, I was detained again. I didn't reply when interrogated and was held for a week. Every night, four officials from my workplace were forced to stay with me. However, I continued to do the exercises every day.

On the fifth day, I was asked for an interview by a TV station. I refused.

One official from my workplace told me that the interview would only last for a minute. I said: “I won't speak for even half a minute. I don't want to appear on TV no matter who asks me.”

That day, I saw Master's Fashen, many of them. At night, I saw Master sitting on the moon. I knew that he was encouraging me, and hinting for me to do well by getting through this trial.

I safely returned home from the police station and knew, in my heart, that Master was looking after me all the time.

Choosing Correct Thoughts

A leg cramp caused me to fall and hurt my lower back back in July 2002. The pain was severe, making it impossible for me to sleep at night. For over two weeks, I had dysuria and constipation. But I didn't think about the symptoms and just kept doing what a practitioner should do: studying the Fa, doing the exercises and sending righteous thoughts. I still went to rural areas with other practitioners to talk to people about Falun Dafa. After less than three weeks, everything was back to normal and I was healthy again.

At times, I was obsessed with ordinary matters and not diligent in cultivation. This created a loophole in my cultivation, and I believe led to a fall. In October 2002, I fell and injured my lower spine. I studied the Fa, sent righteous thoughts, and recited:

“When it is difficult to endure, try to endure it. When it looks impossible and is said to be impossible, give it a try and see if it is possible. ” (Lecture Nine in Zhuan Falun)

A month later, I was as good as before the fall.

This time I didn't ask other practitioners to help by sending righteous thoughts for me. I realized that I should deal with the injury myself because Master is looking after us. It is up to us to choose between human thoughts and divine thoughts. As long as we follow the Fa and behave as practitioners, the wonders of Dafa will manifest all around us

There is no trivial thing in cultivation. We should pay attention to cultivating solidly and be strict with ourselves.