(Minghui.org) I was brutally tortured due to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of Falun Dafa. But I never considered giving up the practice. I had to stay away from my home for two years to avoid the persecution, which was followed by three years of incarceration in a forced labor camp. At home, my elder father-in-law, my husband, and young daughter lived together.

I was released from the labor camp in 2006. My home was in very poor condition in the village. There were cracks in the small house, which had not been painted since I left. There were only a broken pot and a used spoon to cook with.

My husband handed over 4000 yuan ($579) to me one day and said, “I have saved this meager amount of money while you were away during the past few years. Do you think we should renovate the house or continue saving for a bigger house later?”

I answered without hesitation, “Renovate it!” We then had the house renovated and painted.

I went out looking for work to earn money. This was a good opportunity to raise awareness of the persecution as well. Wherever I went, I explained what Falun Dafa was and why the CCP persecutes it. Facing the difficult and harsh environment, I was not afraid but remained happy. I also encouraged my husband to go to other places to work. Our financial situation improved. We had some savings within a year. I became pregnant in winter 2007.

It was a miracle for me to become pregnant. I had menstruated continuously during the three years I was incarcerated in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. I also had bleeding several times. Even so, the camp guards tortured me. They covered my head with prisoner clothes and put two floor cleaning rags into my mouth. They dragged me down from the fourth floor to the ground floor, then pulled me up to the fourth floor again. A male guard also kicked me while I was being dragged on the stairs. They then locked me up in a tiny cell. I was placed back in a regular cell only when I was in critical condition.

The guards brought me to a hospital for a medical examination in 2005. My hemoglobin was only one gram. A doctor padded my shoulder while saying, “This lady had menstruation for two years. It is a world record!”

I was returned to the camp, and the torture continued. Sometimes I was beaten while being hung by my wrists. Over ten guards beat me together. One brutally kicked my lower abdomen twice. I was agony and had difficulty in breathing. Such beatings occurred many times.

I became healthy after being released and resumed studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. The local police harassed me again and again. But they could not stop me from practicing Falun Dafa.

I had a strange dream one night. I saw two one-year-old boys sitting across from each other at a small rectangular table. One was thin and was wearing a hat. The other was plump and cute. I wondered which one was my son? I looked at the plump one and thought, he is mine. I picked him up and held him in my arms. I had the same dream the following night.

I knew the dream was a hint, and I wondered if I was pregnant. I went for a checkup at a local hospital and was told I was pregnant. My son was born on June 3, 2008. He was truly plump and cute. I carried him with me when he was one year old, as I raised awareness about the persecution. People I met would say, “Your son is so cute!” I told them that I had him because I practiced Falun Dafa.

My husband learned to be a carpenter after my son was born, and was able to earn more money. I planted beans at home as I could no longer work elsewhere. I worked alone in the field while taking care of my son. I could pick up a bag of 60 or 70 pounds of beans, which I sold at the market. I carried the bean bags with a motorcycle to the market and could carry nearly 200 pounds at once, something that even my husband could not do.

In 2013, we spent 160,000 yuan ($23,177) to have a large flat house of over 1,000 square feet constructed. The quality of construction and the appliances installed were similar to those of a city apartment complex. My fellow villagers came to visit my house in twos and threes. They admired us. My neighbor said emotionally, “You know, you are here today only because you practice Falun Gong. You would not have this accomplishment if you did not practice Falun Gong.”

I started practicing Falun Gong in Spring 1999. The CCP's persecution has been ongoing for 18 years. Former CCP head Jiang claimed he would eliminate Falun Gong within three months. But they failed because we have a great compassionate Master to protect us and the great Fa guides us in daily life.

My tears flowed as I wrote this. My appreciation and gratitude to Master are beyond words. Facing the unprecedented persecution, I believe in Master and the Fa, and I am happy. My friends and classmates say I look much younger and healthy.

My daughter is now an undergraduate student, and my son is in third grade. People around me have changed their attitude toward Falun Dafa, from cursing and scorning, to understanding, and even supporting. They have actively asked me for Falun Gong information materials.