(Minghui.org) According to Minghui's ongoing investigation, 43 residents in Qinhuangdao area, which includes Qinhuangdao City and its subordinate cities and counties, are currently incarcerated for their spiritual belief.

The 43 practitioners of Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline persecuted in China since 1999, are kept and tortured in four prisons, five detention centers, a mental hospital, and a salt factory. Among them 13 are men, 27 are women, and three with gender unknown.

14 in Shijiazhuang Women's Prison

Ms. Pang Shuyue, Ms. Zhang Xiaojie, and Ms. Li Xueying from Haigang District of Qinhuangdao City

Ms. Huang Cuijin and Ms. Zheng Yanhua from Lulong County

Ms. Hu Rimei, Ms. Lang Shuying, and Ms. Yang Jinlan from Changli County

Ms. Chen Lixin, Ms. Yang Jixin, Ms. Li Youju, and Ms. Du Fengqin from Qinglong County

Ms. Zhang Xiaona and Ms. Zhou Ying are originally from Suizhong, Liaoning Province and currently live in the Qinhuangdao area.

8 in Jidong Prison in Tangshan City

Mr. Zhu Zhiyong, Mr. Liu Mi, Mr. Jiao Zhensheng, and Mr. Dai Zhongmin from Lulong County

Mr. Lian Baochang, Mr. Hua Zhikai, Mr. Xu Yongfan, and Mr. Zhang Dianbin from Haigang District

1 in Binhai Prison

Zhou Xiangyang from Changli County

1 in Nankai Women's Prison

Ms. Li Shanshan from Tangshan City

10 in 2 detention centers in Qinhuangdao City

The following practitioners are being kept at the two local detention centers in Qinhuangdao City.

Ms. Qi Guizhi from Haiyang Town

Ms. Zhang Guiyan, Ms. Liang Jun, and Ms. Lu Jiarong from Haigang District

Ms. Ma Fengzhen from Lulong County

Ms. Feng Sulan from Funing District of Qinhuangdao City:

Ms. Yang Suhua and another female practitioner whose name remains to be investigated are from Qinhuangdao City.

Ms. He Zhirong from Tangshan City

Mr. Bo Changcheng is originally from Yushu City, Jilin Province and currently lives in Qinhuangdao area.

2 in Changli County Detention Center

Mr. Gao (first name unknown) from Tangshan City

Ms. Chen Yanling from Changli County

1 in Lulong County Detention Center

Ms. Bai Xuesong from Haigang District

3 in Qinglong County Detention Center

Mr. Zhang Aiwen, Zheng Zhonghua, and Mr. Wang Wenchen from Qinglong County

2 in Qinhuangdao Mental Hospital

Ms. Li Ruilan and Mr. Quan Wuzhou from Haigang District

1 in Tangshan Salt Factory

Wang Yong from Funing District

4 Harassed or Arrested

In addition to the above 43 practitioners, Mr. Wei Xiyou and Mr. Lou Yang (from Lulong County), Mr. Zhang Weijin (from Changli County), and Mr. Zhao Bingzhen (from Haigang District) were known to have either been arrested or harassed by police at one point, but their current status is unknown.