(Minghui.org) Local practitioners have been driving to villages in our region to dispel the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda about Falun Gong. We have been using my home, which is in a small town, as a place for the drivers to pick up other practitioners, and I am a liaison with the villages.

Upon their return, practitioners often bring me lists of people who have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and I help publish the names on The Epoch Times website.

There are about 20 practitioners involved in the project. We send two to five cars a day, with four practitioners in each car. Once each car arrives, practitioners work in pairs to distribute informational materials. Every day I prepare several hundred magazines along with Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party booklets.

I felt pressured as time went on, because I was handling large quantities of materials, and many practitioners were going in and out of my place. Sometimes I thought about asking practitioners to meet their drivers elsewhere.

I corrected these thoughts. It was selfish to only think about myself. Being selfish is a characteristic of the old cosmos. I should consider and harmonize with all living beings, including practitioners. I must meet Master’s requirements.

For instance, I had thoughts that the informational materials could be used as evidence to persecute me. I pushed out those thoughts and reminded myself that our materials are Fa instruments for saving people. What we are doing is the most righteous activity on Earth. The old forces should not be able to touch us. After this realization, my heart opened up, and my mind became clear.

I give credit to the practitioners who are making the materials for us. They gave up their jobs and spend all their time making magazines, the Nine Commentaries, posters, DVDs, and other items. Moreover, they meet every delivery deadline and prepare the items exactly as requested.

I am also grateful for a group of elderly practitioners who distribute materials ahead of our efforts, making it easier for us to then talk to the villagers about Falun Gong. The elderly practitioners usually depart at night and do not return until early in the morning.

The drivers always come when I call them. They drive long distances without complaint. One female driver has two children to care for and a mortgage. Some practitioners pay for producing the materials.

There are 16 townships in our county, with scores of villages in each township. So far, we have covered 10 townships.

Cooperating to Rescue Practitioners

Last year, four practitioners went to a township on or about May 13, World Falun Dafa Day. Someone reported Wang and Li to the authorities, and they were taken to the police station. The other two practitioners from their car called them, but no one answered the phone. They were concerned and came to my house.

We called Li's husband, but it was too late. The police had searched their home and confiscated their computers, printers, Falun Dafa books, and other personal belongings.

I immediately notified all the practitioners in our county to send forth righteous thoughts. Several other practitioners and I accompanied Li's husband to the police station and asked for her release. We clarified the truth to the director and asked him to treat practitioners kindly. Unfortunately, he just shouted and did not allow us to see Li before she was taken to a detention center. We left the police station with heavy hearts.

I looked within to see if I had done anything that contributed to Li’s arrest. I reflected on how everything had been going well since we started going to the countryside. True, two practitioners had been arrested. But local practitioners negated the arrests with righteous thoughts and the practitioners were released that same night. And I was very happy to see their long list of people who gave their names to withdraw from the CCP and its youth leagues.

I realized then that I had become zealous after that and that the other practitioners did not send forth righteous thoughts before Wang’s and Li’s trip due to complacency.

Also, Li was not the best person to talk to people face-to-face, as she could not hear well unless the person spoke loudly. But Li had the heart to save others. She arrived at my office early in the morning, although she lived far away and had to take a bus. Out of sentiment, I assigned her to work with Wang. Now Wang and Li had been arrested. I deeply regretted my role in the situation.

As we discussed this, everyone tried to find his or her own shortcomings. We supported Wang and Li with righteous thought and published the details of their situation on Minghui to expose the persecutors. Some practitioners distributed information via email, with graphics. Others made posters. Several encouraged Wang’s husband to step forward and help. Wang and Li were released seven days later.

The director of the police station has changed a lot since then. When practitioners are reported, he reminds them to be careful.

Practitioners also mailed informational materials to the local Political and Legal Affairs Committee and the police departments and police stations in the different townships. We hope that all the recipients will understand the truth and stop persecuting practitioners.

Practitioners often share their amazing experiences. They really touch me, and I thank Master for protecting our local group. We will cooperate better, fulfill our vows, and save more lives.