(Minghui.org) Before I started practicing Falun Dafa in May 1998, I suffered from more than a dozen health problems. I became illness-free and was no longer exhausted all the time, because practicing Dafa gave me energy and strength.

The factory I worked in flooded in August 1998, leaving a thick layer of mud on the floor. When I was cleaning, a piece of broken glass cut my heel. I ignored it and continued to clean the floor. I just kept the wound clean. By the time I left work, the bleeding had stopped. I only felt a little pain when I walked. Three days later the pain was gone and there was no sign of the injury.

I forgot to turn off the distiller when I left work in 2002. When I got home, I saw a red light before my eyes, just like the indicator on the distiller when it was not turned off. I went back to the factory and turned it off.

A high-temperature machine stopped working when I was on duty in 2003. I discovered that the wires were burned out and turned off the power. Without thinking much about it, I re-connected the wires with my bare hands. When the machine overheated and the thermal protection switch turned it off, I realized that the machine ran on a different power supply and was not controlled by the power switch. I had connected the live wire with my bare hands. Master had been protecting me.

Taking Self-Interest Lightly

The officials where I worked participated in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in 2000. They reduced my pay and penalized me because I refused to give up my faith. They also made a public announcement. I felt wronged and thought of not working as hard. But, after a thinking about it, I realized that I should not be the same as an ordinary person, so I continued to do my job conscientiously.

I was strict with myself about everything. When my relatives or neighbors asked me to get them items from my factory without paying for them, I paid for the item and gave it to them for free.

When I had an air conditioner installed at home, we needed six meters of heavy cable. The store did not sell that kind of cable. There was some used cable in our warehouse, so I paid 20 yuan and took the used cable home. When the director asked me why I’d paid 20 yuan, I explained and he said it was not necessary. I told him that, as a practitioner, I would not take anything for free.

I was put in charge of quality inspection for raw materials in 2004. Most of the vendors wanted to get on my good side. I did not accept anything they offered and told them that, as a practitioner, I could not accept any gifts.

Instead of taking anything, I clarified the truth about Dafa to them, and most withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations.

Several of the vendors said, “It would be a better world if more people behaved like you.” Others said, “You are the most honest person in your work unit.”

Thinking of Others First

My factory adjusted the payroll and had to reduce the salary of one employee. Of course, nobody wanted to be that one employee. I volunteered to take the pay cut. My monthly pay was 60 yuan less than what my coworkers got.

I was awarded the title of “model worker” in 2004, 2005, and 2007. I bought gifts with the bonus for everyone I worked with. They all said that only practitioners would share their good fortune.

There were always disputes about product quality at work. Master gave me the wisdom, so I was able to solve problems that others could not. In the end I saved the factory tens of thousands of yuan.

Master teaches us to be a good person. I keep in mind that I am a practitioner and firmly believe in Master and the Fa.

At a conference, our general manager said, “I wish all of our employees behaved like her.”