(Minghui.org) I met Lin (alias) after I moved here from another area. The group Fa study I joined was at Lin's place.

After we finished Fa study one day, Lin pointed out some of my shortcomings. I argued with her and left her place feeling wronged.

When I returned home, I stood in front of Master's photo and cried. I thought that I had good intentions, and I did not understand why we ended up arguing. After I stopped crying, I realized that I was the one at fault, but I could not figure out what my attachment was.

I stopped going to Lin's place for Fa study. Two practitioners later shared their thoughts with me, and I realized that it was my fault for arguing with Lin. I decided to return to her place to study the Fa with the group.

Many thoughts emerged after I made the decision. “I'm an elderly person. Lin should be the one inviting me back.” “What if Lin gives me a hard time and does not want me at her place?” and, “What if she pushes me out of her place?”

I realized that those thoughts were not my true self, so I changed my thought process. They were the old forces' arrangements, and I had the attachment of wanting to save face.

I wanted to pass this test and form a “one body” with practitioners, and not let the old forces succeed.

Only by cultivating well can I return to my original home. Therefore, I must believe in Dafa and Master and cultivate well. I must pass this test, since I cannot take my attachments to the heavenly world. I stood in front of Master's photo and said I would attend the Fa study at Lin's place. Master seemed to be smiling at me, and this encouraged me.

When I showed up at Lin's place, other practitioners were already there. They all greeted me warmly.

After sharing with the other practitioners, I realized that I did not know how to look inward, and I was not cultivating solidly. When I looked back on my behavior, I recognized that I was being hypocritical. I suddenly felt as if something fell from my head and that I'd unloaded a big burden. I felt light and gained peace of mind. I shed tears of joy.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!