(Minghui.org) I went to my hometown to distribute informational materials about Falun Dafa at the end of 2016. I was surrounded by many of my fellow villagers.

One of them said, “How do you dare to pass out Falun Dafa materials in broad daylight?”

I replied, “All Falun Dafa practitioners conduct themselves according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We do good things only. Why should I be afraid to pass out materials?”

An elderly man said, “I have read every brochure about Falun Dafa and kept them all. The stories are so touching. Are they real?”

I replied, “Our teacher asks us to conduct ourselves according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance; how can we tell lies?”

I also told the group, “People from more than 100 countries are practicing Falun Dafa. Jiang [Zemin, former Chinese dictator] outlawed the practice because of jealousy. More than 200,000 people are suing him now.”

One young man said, “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is no good. They have no rationality and they can’t tell good from bad. Morality is deteriorating. The world is coming to an end.”

I told him, “The world will not come to an end. Falun Dafa practitioners are saving the world’s people. Good is rewarded with good, evil is returned with karmic retribution. Heaven is watching what we do. Treat Falun Dafa practitioners well, and heaven will grant you peace. Have all of you withdrawn from the CCP?”

They said they had.

Bright and Beautiful Poster

I went by a small village in Hubei Province at the beginning of the year. I saw a poster stating “Falun Dafa Forever in Our World” on a light pole. I looked at the other side of the street and saw four other light poles with the same poster on them. I took a picture of them.

About a month later, I went back there. The posters were still there. Although a bit weather worn, the words were still clear, “Falun Dafa Forever in Our World.” The pedestrians' faces were full of light and happiness. I was so thrilled that the people in this faraway little town have been blessed by Dafa. Dafa has brought so much vitality and life to them.

The posters remained up for a long time, indicating that people know the truth there. They are so fortunate.