(Minghui.org) I'm an elderly practitioner who started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Since then, I have been very healthy and haven’t needed any medication or trips to the hospital. But right before this Chinese New Year, I suddenly had a sharp pain in my left leg.

I couldn’t stand steadily when I did the standing exercises and walking was difficult. I did not treat this tribulation with righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Instead, I asked my daughter-in-law to take care of the housework for me, and I stopped doing the standing exercises. I didn’t even attend the local group Fa study.

The pain became worse with each passing day. Then one night, I woke up feeling terrible and very dizzy. I felt like I could die at any moment! My children did not practice Falun Dafa, and I was certain that they would pressure me into going to the hospital for treatment. I hesitated for a while before calling them.

I could have told them that I called them to ask other practitioners to come and help me, or I could have asked them to read Zhuan Falun to me. I believe they would do it if I had asked. However, I did not have strong enough righteous thoughts, and when my son-in-law suggested he drive me to the hospital, I said, “OK.”

The check-up in the hospital revealed that my blood pressure was very high, and the reason for my leg pain was due to bone hyperplasia. The doctor admitted me to the hospital and administered several different medications. I was also put on an IV and injected with several bags of anti-inflammatory drugs to bring down my blood pressure.

A blood pressure monitor was put beside my bed, and the nurse would come and record the readings several times a day. My blood pressure was different every time. It would decrease a little after the medication, but increase again sometime later. The treatment did not work on me at all.

Several practitioners visited me in hospital, and encouraged me to have faith in Master and Dafa. With their encouragement, I realized that I should not be there and asked to be discharged.

I went back home after being there for one month. My dizziness had disappeared, but I was still experiencing great pain in my leg.

Once I got back home, I calmed down and started to cultivate myself. I studied the Fa, did the exercises, sent forth righteous thoughts, and looked inward on a daily basis.

In only 5 days after being discharged from the hospital, I was able to complete all of the standing exercises. I also found many attachments that I had not paid enough attention to, especially my attachment to avoiding hardship and seeking comfort.

I also realized that I read too fast when I studied the Fa, and did not read each character carefully. When I read in a group, my voice was too low, and I often read characters incorrectly or left them out altogether. Fellow practitioners had alerted me, but I did not heed to their suggestions and improve. After several years, they lost patience with me.

My celestial eye is open, and I have seen many amazing scenes in other dimensions. When I thought it over, I realized that Master had arranged for me to see those wonderful scenes to encourage me to study the Fa diligently. I should have shown respect and corrected my cultivation state, but I didn’t.

My tribulation in the hospital helped to understand that I had not cultivated as well as I thought I had.

Studying the Fa well and searching inward made me clear and open-minded. I became grateful towards fellow practitioners and now my leg is no longer in pain. The tribulation has passed!

I sincerely appreciate Master for not giving up me! I also appreciate my fellow practitioners for helping me to wake up to the truth of the situation. We must cultivate seriously and rely on the Fa to guide us.

Master said,

“Cultivate your xinxing withouta moment's pause,” (“Real Cultivation” from Hong Yin)

Please point it out if anything in my sharing is not in accordance with the Fa.