(Minghui.org) In the past 22 years since I began practicing Falun Dafa, I have seen the compassion and greatness of the founder, Master Li Hongzhi, and I've had many insights that can't easily be described.

During this 25th anniversary of Falun Dafa's introduction to the public, I would like to share some of what I've learned to express my tremendous gratitude. This is also to tell people that we have come to this world for the Fa and we must not miss this rare opportunity.

Beginning the Practice

I started learning other qigong in 1995, though my husband was practicing Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong. One day, a qigong teacher was to diagnose me, but passed me by. I later learned that she might have had a spirit or animal possession. I asked her why she didn't treat me. She looked at me and said, “Falun rotates constantly.”

I knew the term came from the Dafa book because I had read parts of it. This confused me, though, because I was not a Dafa practitioner.

On one occasion, I bought a gilded unicorn badge with a qigong symbol and pinned it to my blouse. It disappeared when I tried to show it to my husband. I realized that the badge did not dare to enter a practitioner's home. Also, recalling what that qigong teacher told me, I realized that Dafa’s Master was already taking care of me. He used this person to give me a hint that I was predestined, so I became a practitioner.

Realizing the Preciousness of Cultivation in Dafa

My husband practiced Falun Gong for health reasons. Soon after he took up the practice, his diseases disappeared. He worked hard at the office and did household chores tirelessly.

Upon beginning my cultivation, I was immersed in the blessings of the Buddha Fa. I had a peaceful and harmonious family. It was the happiest time of my life.

A few years later, we lost our cultivation environment when the persecution was launched by Jiang Zemin in 1999. My husband became busier at work and often had to work overtime. He had less time for Fa study and exercises. His xinxing started to drop and his health declined.

His state workplace was changed into a private enterprise. The change resulted in him losing more than 10,000 yuan of retirement funds he had contributed. This was not a small amount to us. He became depressed and his health deteriorated more. He passed away in 2008.

Losing my husband was a big blow to me. I became very lonely because my son did not live with me. At times, I cried a lot while alone at home after work.

Fortunately, the principles of Dafa gradually eased my suffering and gave me peace. In that period, I could sense Master's compassion.

One night I had a dream. I dreamed a little girl in red clothes was standing above the clouds with a legendary elder. The girl faced the mortal world and said to the elder, “It is too bitter to be in this position!”

I realized that cultivators had gotten lost in the human world during many reincarnations and made much karma. We were very lucky to obtain the Fa, but sadly, we did not cherish it. We treated as a tool for health and a happy life. When we came across tribulations, we slacked off in cultivation, as my husband did.

After understanding the causes, the heartache of losing my husband disappeared. I knew what I should do, going forward.

Rectifying All Impurities

I was in my forties when my husband passed away. A short while after his death, friends and relatives urged me to remarry. My sister-in-law suggested that I could marry someone who would help to care for my son. My aunt advised me to live with a rich man without getting married.

Master taught us in Zhuan Falun “...and considers others first when taking any action,...” I realized I could not act in my own self-interest and decided to stay single. I wanted to teach my son the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Many years had passed. Although I had had a peaceful life, I undoubtedly still coveted a good life as an ordinary person and was affected by the attachment of lustful desire occasionally. Aware of this shortcoming, I slowly rectified myself through cultivation and made myself pure and more peaceful.

On one occasion, I couldn't get my house door shut. When I tried to borrow a tool from my neighbor, he offered to fix it for me. After the door was fixed, I poured a glass of water for him and let him watch the Shen Yun Performance DVD.

A few minutes later he said, “I had better go now. Otherwise, I may want to stay here longer.”

As I walked him to the door, he lightheartedly patted my shoulder and said: “Young lady, just let me know any time you need help.”

After he left, I looked inward for any wrong thing I did or improper words I said. The neighbor would accumulate some virtue for helping a Dafa disciple, but the virtue might be offset by his improper behavior.

To a cultivator, nothing happens by accident. I realized the importance of keeping a distance between a man and a woman. I realized that I need to keep my mind pure and use kindness, not ordinary people's flirting, when talking to people. I saw that I should also be more careful with this when working with male practitioners on Dafa projects.

In “Sage” in Essentials for Further Advancement, Master taught us, “He has bountiful virtue and also maintains a benevolent heart.”

Protected and Blessed

One night, I was woken up by a thud. I heard a man talking in an alarming tone. He then took off on a motorcycle in a rush. It was exactly at midnight and I started the meditation.

After the meditation, I realized what had happened earlier. Two thieves came to steal things from my house. One of them got on the adjoining balcony while another one waited outside. Apparently, this thief must have seen something that scared him and made him quickly jump down from the balcony with a thud. I realized that Master was protecting me.

This event reminded me of a story published on the Minghui website describing how a Dafa practitioner was protected by Master. The practitioner was stopped by a robber on the way home at night. The practitioner yelled loudly, “Master! Please save me!” The robber quickly ran away.

The same robber came back to ask the practitioner the next day who the Master was. He said that he saw a Buddha coming toward him right after the practitioner shouted out. This practitioner proudly told the robber, “My Master is Mr. Li Hongzhi.” The robber himself became a Dafa practitioner after the incident.

I have lived alone these many years. I had an easy job that paid well enough to support me. Although I am not rich, I have been busy and happy. I have studied the Fa calmly and steadfastly.

My son is a hard-working person. He does not smoke, drink, or squander his money. He is considerate. He visits me twice a month. We study the Fa together when he comes.

Recently, our building was demolished for building new buildings. I was given two three-bedroom apartments in exchange for my original place. Some people said to me enviously, “You are so lucky to get these two units without any effort.”

I smiled and told them it was because I have been blessed.